Sibling Duo SINDOSI:22 Releases Their First EP!



Sibling duo SINDOSI:22 have released their first-ever body of work, “howtosurvive” showcasing their eclectic music style featuring a variety of genres with everything from lo-fi bedroom pop, R&B, hip-hop, and indie. The EP features 5 dynamic tracks that communicate their own message and style and introduces their sound to a wider audience.  This producing and songwriting, sibling duo consisting of members No. 20 and No. 21 are ready to continue building off the success of their debut single domythang which landed them on TIDAL’s K-Pop: Best of 2022 So Far on TIDAL and The TIDAL K-Pop 10. The key messages are in the track titles themselves: Sometimes being lazy is needed for our revival, doing our own thang regardless of other’s opinions, swerving drama or negativity not because of fear but your own choice, being your own boss, and melting your day’s stress away with a drink.

EP ‘howtosurvive_____’ is a blueprint about survival on a struggling Earth, presented by SINDOSI:22. The five tracks on the EP all come with their own vibe and give fans a diverse listening experience catered to all tastes.

  1. “lazy”

The chord-heavy “Lazy,” begins as a sunny spring afternoon vibe as both No. 20 and No. 21 speak on taking a break from their day-to-day routines in order to embrace a bit of much-needed R&R.

  1. “domythang”

Continuing with a similar thematic underlay, the second track and lead single, “domythang,” takes the notions of being “Lazy” to a new level, wherein the two expand on lyrics that emphasize being yourself regardless of what others think. “You do you, and imma do me” No. 20 and No. 21 croon. The vocals are set atop an upbeat instrumental, where a blissful guitar riff interacts with lush pads and atmospheric keys. With ‘domythang’, the duo is determined to remind the listeners that happiness is not to be obtained by mindless searching, but by acknowledging the true you.

  1. “swerve”

Arguably the brightest track off the project, “swerve” is all about swerving drama and negativity. The confident vocals and bars — “f*ck you and your vibes like swerve, I don’t want no drama like swerve” — are met with an array of brass instrumentation and punchy percussion that bring a ting of old school funk and disco into the mix, delivering a lo-fi pop banger that promises good times and even better vibes.

  1. “boss”

“boss” rounds out the fourth track and exemplifies the ideas incorporated into the first three tracks. No. 21 speaks on swerving bad vibes and doing his own thing, prioritizing his self-prescribed status as top dog. No. 20 follows up to her brother’s bars with a bit of girl power, “b*tch you know that’s how we got the sauce,” questioning her haters and solidifying her status as a “boss” in one breath. They promote these lyrics over a cushy future bass backdrop filled with dreamy synths and trap-tinged percussion.

  1. “hanzanhe”

The final track of the project, “hanzanhe,” translates to “let’s have a drink” in Korean. The downtempo tune is a brilliant mix of balladry and R&B, delivering heartfelt lyrics over lush instrument arrangements and cinematic synths, closing out in cinematic fashion with an ethereal string ensemble.

The brother and sister duo’s signature look is their retro futuristic Daft Punk-inspired helmets and their music incorporates everything from lo-fi pop to hip-hop, making the perfect connection to the beautiful California sunset. As of late, the duo has experimented with their sound and creative direction. Keeping their iconic helmet motif and playing around with the idea of illustrative concepts and vocaloid assets in their newer songs. Remixing tracks such as KATIE — “Thinkin Bout You” and offonoff — “dance 춤”, the duo get their feet wet in a new style and showcase their abilities outside of their traditional music.  The two are capable of much success due to their talent and visions which lead them on their current journey  to success.


SINDOSI:22 is a Los Angeles-via-Seoul sibling producer and songwriting duo composed of members No. 20 and No. 21. Concealing their true identities behind retrofuturistic Daft Punk-inspired helmets, the brother and sister combo softly billow their velour voices atop upbeat, feel good instrumental melodies. SINDOSI:22’s music incorporates everything from lo-fi pop to hip-hop, often reminiscent of a mellow Los Angeles sunset. Not much has been revealed about the siblings outside of their home planet and English-Korean bilingual lyrical ability, keeping their traits and identity under wraps. Rather, the two characterize themselves as fluid personas who are capable of taking on any form. The siblings released their debut single “domythang” earlier this year, which lead to inclusion on TIDAL’s K-Pop: Best of 2022 So Far playlist as well as its editorial list The TIDAL K-Pop 10. The single is part of the duo’s forthcoming debut EP, titled Swerve, which will arrive alongside an official music video for “domythang” in early 2023.

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