Fans Can’t Move On From Seeing Park Seo Jun – Sahabat MILO® in Malaysia

It has been a few weeks since Sahabat MILO® Park Seo Jun graced Malaysian shores with his killer smile and amazing aura. The short time with the actor is still being talked about amongst fans, with some who still can’t move on and wanting Park Seo Jun to come back again for a longer event such as a fan meeting.

Park Seo Jun - Jom Minum MILO®️
Park Seo Jun – Jom Minum MILO®️

One of the most memorable memory of Park Seo Jun’s visit to Malaysia is definitely the way that the actor demonstrated his way of making his own cup of MILO® and the iconic phrase “Jom minum MILO®” (Malay for Let’s drink MILO®), which surprisingly, sounded better coming from him.

MILO® lovers even shared which stickpack variety is their favourite, as shown in the video below.

MILO® stickpack variants includes the MILO® 3in1, MILO® Original, MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal, MILO® Less Sugar and MILO® Hi-Fibre, a whole variety to choose from.

Have you had your MILO® today? How ever you are enjoying it, JOM MINUM MILO®!

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