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[Interview] SINDOSI:22 Talks About Their New EP And Plans For 2023!

“Courtesy of Prism Invaders”

SINDOSI:22 is a Los Angeles-via-Seoul sibling producer and songwriting duo composed of members No. 20 and No. 21. They have released their first-ever body of work, “howtosurvive” showcasing their eclectic music style featuring a variety of genres with everything from lo-fi bedroom pop, R&B, hip-hop, and indie. Concealing their true identities behind retrofuturistic Daft Punk-inspired helmets, the brother and sister combo softly billow their velour voices atop upbeat, feel good instrumental melodies. We were able to have an interview with the duo and get to know the creative process behind their image and music.

You guys have a unique name “SINDOSI:22” how did the name come to be?
The word “SINDOSI” directly means new city in Korean. We have this motto of “New vision, New city”, which indicates that anything could be new with a fresh new ideas and vision towards a pre-existing material, even the city that we are living in. We try to apply this to our lifestyle and production.

Were there other names before selecting SINDOSI:22 as the final name?
We were set to go as our real names or a nickname given in our teenage years but we have picked SINDOSI:22 as our fixed group name. We believe that it’s the right title for our vision. We refuse to tell our real names in an interview but there are some hints to it within the songs. Hope that the listeners will catch it.

What is your creative process like? Do you think of the lyrics first and then the melody?
It’s always random, sometimes we naturally freestyle and if we like it, then we go along with it. But most of the time, we tend to first discuss what topic we should do, then we think of the melody, and then finish off with the lyrics.

Which song in your EP was written first and how did it first come about?
The first track we have done was “boss.” Unexpected to record together. After we record this track, that made us as become a duo.

Which was the last song that was put into the EP?
We made tons of songs together first, we were not thinking about a specific title for the EP or how the vibe was going to be like. There were multiples of genres that we tried but we thought a k-pop ish album would be nice for a debut EP. After mass production of tracks, we chose what might fit in the EP in a day. So, we think it was done in one go.

Did the duo originally have more people or did you both decide that having two members was a perfect fit?
We both decided that having two members was the best, as a sibling duo. But who knows we might add more members to the group.

The idea of concealing yourself behind helmets, who’s idea was this and why?
It was No.21’s idea to hide our identity. We believe that hiding our identity would be more productive for us to make new tracks without getting criticized on and as much as we love to get our projects reach as much people as possible, we love our personal life as well. I guess we don’t want fame to our own name for now.

The debut single “domythang” was your first debut single, why was it important to release this song first instead of releasing an EP instead?
We believed that “domythang” might show the potential that we have as a sibling duo. We wanted to give a little sample for the EP before releasing the project. Just like how you get free samples from a grocery store before you buy it.

If you can collaborate with anyone who would it be?
We have loved Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes tracks since we were young, we think we got influenced by their music and would love to collaborate with out idols. Clazziquai Project is also a team that we would love to collaborate with. Both teams have amazing production.

“Courtesy of Prism Invaders”

What is your advice on how to survive on earth?
Our biggest advice is to stay positive and don’t let any hate from others affect you because it’s not worth it. And find the things in your life that could make you happier, you could pick up a new hobby or find a new interest and dig more into it. Forming a sibling duo was what we did to make us happier.

If you can travel anywhere on earth where would you go and why?
No. 20: I have so many places where I want to travel but my first option would be Finland. I believe it’s such a beautiful place to give my mind off of everything else and just enjoy the atmosphere and the environment there. I would also love to watch the aurora. Maybe in the future we could take a mv there.
No. 21: Europe would be nice, I want to experience the culture there and adopt it in our production.

There is a song titled “lazy” on the EP. What do your lazy days look like outside of work?
We mostly spend our “lazy” time playing video games and listen to music together. We are both heavy sleepers as well so when there’s no plans for that day he would stay in bed for a while and get on to our hobbies.

What is a song you each have been playing on repeat this month?
No. 20: The albums that I’m putting on repeat would be “Graduation” by Kanye West and “Swimming” by Mac Miller.”
No. 21: I’ve been a long fan of Skrillex, he dropped his new project “Quest For Fire” few days ago and it’s been on repeat for me, especially in the gym. Also, I’m not much of a K-pop fan but Ditto by NewJeans has been stuck in my head.

What are your goals as producers and songwriters?
At some point in our career, we want to make a collective team that could support and develop our hometown’s culture. Such with a vinyl record bar, more music teams, and opening a festival. In a short-term goal, we want to focus on the production that could leave a mark in the industry and the culture.

What are your plans for the rest of 2023 as a duo?
We’re not sure if we could release another album this year but we would love to drop as much singles as possible. We have more sides to show that we haven’t shown to the world yet, there are multiples of genres that we reinterpreted. Also, we are currently working on some remix covers and uploading it on YouTube. Until the next releases, those remixes could be an alternative content for the listeners to enjoy.

We would like to give our biggest thanks to SINDOSI:22 and Prism Invaders for this interview and opportunity.

If you haven’t yet, check out their latest EP “howtosurvive'” here.

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