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[Event Coverage] TREASURE Entertains Malaysian TEUME And Delivers With (Cringey But Cute) Pickup Lines

TREASURE, the 10 member boy group out of YG Entertainment performed to an over 6,000 TEUME (fandom name) in their first ever concert in Malaysia last Saturday, complete with amazing pyrotechnics and brilliant light displays. The 2 and a 1/2 hour concert sees Malaysian fans being entertained by the group conversing using local slangs and a birthday surprise for the leader, Park Jihoon.

TREASURE with fans

Performed alongside a live band, the group amazed fans with energetic performances and conversed without the help of a translator (the group mainly conversed with fans in English and a little bit of Korean – understandable by Malaysians, because we are awesome). The show starts a little early than most, at 5.30pm with a video introduction of the boys on motorcycles. The boys then shows up on stage decked in fluorescent biker outfit and performed JIKJIN, BOY and I LOVE YOU back to back.


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♬ original sound – K-popped! Crew – K-popped! Crew

TREASURE amazing pyrotechnics

During a short costume change for some of the boys (in preparation for their special stages), Malaysian TEUME were entertained by Jihoon, Yoshi, Doyoung, Junghwan, Junkyu, Jaehyuk and Jeongwoo who in turns, gave out pick up lines in local slangs. Fans were head over heels when Jihoon, on his knees, says “Sudikah awak kahwin dengan saya?” (Malay for will you marry me) and the cringey but cute “When you’re next to me, my Teh o’ ais become Teh o’ panas“. The group even slipped in some Malay greetings throughout the show, such as Apa Khabar (during the first ment), Selamat Datang, and Aku Cinta Padamu, which I am sure, melted the hearts of TEUME.

The show was full of interactive sessions between TREASURE and the fans. During their song CLAP, the group managed to play the clapping game with the fans by holding out a small clapping competition between sections in the venue. Surprised by the enthusiastic response with fierce claps by the fans, leader Hyunsuk replied to the crowd, saying “Malaysia is incredible, memang mantap (great)!”

Towards the end of the concert, as the boys were saying their thanks and goodbyes, Jihoon received a surprise by Malaysian TEUME who prepared a special birthday event for him. Jihoon will be celebrating his 23rd birthday on March 14. Feeling happy, Jihoon ran around the entire stage to show his gratitude to the fans. TREASURE along with fans sang Happy Birthday (3 times) while Jihoon happily sang Happy Birthday To Me. He mentioned that he was envious when Doyoung received a surprise birthday celebration during a previous show. He added that “it’s usually very rare to be able to celebrate my birthday on stage. But this time, I am able to celebrate my birthday with Malaysian TEUME. Thank you very much for creating such an unforgettable memory with us. You guys think I am going to cry, right? I will cry next year! I have sweated out too much today, so I can’t cry anymore!”

We would like to thank iMe Malaysia for the invitation.

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