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Disney+ Hotstar Unveils Sneak Peek At Upcoming Korean Titles

Featuring a first look at highly anticipated series including “Moving,” “The Worst of Evil” and more, today’s announcement gives audiences a taste of what’s to come in 2023 and beyond

Following a smash start to the year that saw Korean series Big Bet capture the cultural zeitgeist and become the most viewed Disney+ Original Series in Korea in its first week, Disney+ Hotstar today unveiled its first look at a wealth of upcoming Korean Originals and Currents slated to debut on the service in 2023.

Featuring clips from K-pop concerts and documentaries, to thrilling crime dramas, variety shows, workplace dramedies and more, today’s trailer gives fans of world-class Korean content a small taste of what they can expect from Disney+ Hotstar over the next few months, including:


When three teenagers discover they’ve inherited incredible superpowers from their secret agent parents, they will find themselves with their backs against the wall as government agencies across the world work to stop them in their tracks. An Original series based on the popular webtoon of the same name by Kang Full, enjoy every thrilling minute of Moving later this year exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

The Worst of Evil:

Set in 1990s Korea, The Worst of Evil stars Ji Changwook, Wi Hajoon and Lim Semi, and follows a fictional investigative taskforce as their undercover officer, Kang Joonmo, infiltrates a new criminal organization responsible for fueling the Korea, China, Japan drug trafficking triangle. Enjoy The Worst of Evil exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar soon.


After witnessing his mother’s brutal murder and the ensuing failure of the legal system, Kim Jiyong will dedicate his life to getting revenge on non-repentant offenders. Starring Nam Joohyuk as star student and vengeful vigilante Kim Jiyong, Vigilante is a thrilling new dark Korean drama slated to launch exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar later this year.

Shadow Detective Season 2:

After a nail-biting finale that saw detective Taekrok’s hopes crushed in an instant, Shadow Detective is set to return with a second season in 2023, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

Han River Police:

Starring Kwone Sangwoo and Kim Hiewon, this upcoming fictional comedy action series follows the crazy antics of Seoul’s Han River Police Force as they patrol the waterways and respond to emergency situations including terrorist incidents, accidents and more.


What Park Yoonjo lacks in qualifications and experience she more than makes up for in tenacity and drive, but when everyone in the company discovers that several recent hires were made as part of a newly created diversity program, Yoonjo will have to overcome the insurmountable to win their approval. Starring Lee Yeonhee, Moon Sori, Hong Jonghyun and Chung Yunho, clock-out and unwind with this upcoming workplace dramedy from May 10, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

SUGA: Road to D-DAY:

Starring SUGA of 21st century pop icons BTS, this documentary follows SUGA as he travels around the world in search of musical inspiration for his upcoming album D-DAY. Throughout the documentary, viewers will see the star at his most vulnerable, as he discusses his writer’s block with other musicians, and delves deep into his most traumatic memories to pen lyrics for several of his latest songs. Enjoy this insightful documentary, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar .


A Disney+ Hotstar exclusive, in 2023, follow the highs and lows of ten Korean professional baseball teams as they attempt to swing, bunt and steal their way into contention for the coveted title of 2022 Korean Series Champions.


Dancing and jumping along to the hit global sensation “Gangnam Style” under the hot summer sun, PSY invites fans to his first Summer Swag concert since the pandemic in this new Korean Original concert film now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

The Zone: Survival Mission 2:

Hosted by top Korean TV personalities Yu Jaeseok, Lee Kwangsoo and Kwon Yuri, the second series of this hit Korean variety show promises more puzzles, laughs and hilarious situations than ever before when it debuts exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar later this year.

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise:

Living a seemingly perfect life, Hong Taera is the envy of many. Married to a successful developer, and with a loving daughter by her side, everything is going perfectly for her – she just wishes she could remember how she got there. Incapable of remembering her past, Taera’s curse becomes a nightmare when her lost memories begin to emerge and she realizes she is nothing more than a puppet in an elaborate game. Enjoy Pandora: Beneath the Paradise today on Disney+ Hotstar

Family: The Unbreakable Bond

For years South Korean government agent Kwon Dohoon has managed to keep his occupation secret from everyone, including his beloved wife. Having convinced his friends and family that he is nothing more than an employee at a local trading company, Dohoon works tirelessly to keep up the charade and give his wife the perfect family she has always dreamed of, but little does Dohoon know his wife has an explosive secret of her own. Family: The Unbreakable Bond is coming to Disney+ Hotstar on May 5.

Dr. Romantic 3

Continuing the story of Boo Yongjoo, a highly accomplished surgeon who gives up his prestigious position at Seoul’s top medical center and relocates to Doldam Hospital, a remote hospital in a rural province, Dr. Romantic 3 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar with new doctors, a captivating new antagonist, and an unmissable romance.


After her estranged father dies under mysterious circumstances, Sanyoung will partner with Haesong, a man who has the ability to see the dead, in an attempt to break the curse that has ruined both of their families. An occult mystery thriller, viewers can enjoy Revenant later this year on Disney+ Hotstar.

The First Responders II

Following a popular first series that saw fictional emergency service workers cooperating to solve cases, The First Responders returns to Disney+ Hotstar later this year for a second high-octane season.

Fans of unmissable storytelling can sign up for Disney+ Hotstar today to enjoy access to a library of endless entertainment, including Korean Originals such as: Big Bet starring legendary actor Choi Minsik as a serial entrepreneur who repeatedly crosses the line to help bolster his burgeoning casino business; Big Mouth, about a lawyer who is arrested as part of the murder case he is investigating; as well as other global tentpole titles from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, and more!

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