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Mark Tuan Collabs “Right Before Our Eyes” With Elephante & BEAUZ!


Elephante continues his collaborative journey with AAPI creatives, this time releasing “Right Before Our Eyes,” with DJ duo BEAUZ and singer Mark Tuan; now available on all streaming platforms releasing on Fabled Records / Astralwerks. Mark’s smooth and steady vocals laid over Elephante’s signature melodic house sounds, alongside  BEAUZ’s big room beats with clean embellishments, is set to give their fans a bittersweet anthem on love lost. The progressive chords and intricate combo of bass tones and high notes keep the track buoyant while the lyrics recount past mistakes that lead to an eventual drifting apart.



Far from despondent, this collaboration captures that feeling of peace post parting. There’s something incredibly freeing in being able to look back at our past and accept what’s happened, and while there’s still some lingering regrets, that’s what keeps us grounded for what’s to come.  This new single connects elements of electronic dance and pop to formulate a quintessential song for the summer. This latest production from Elephante and BEAUZ with Mark Tuan’s vocals is the perfect recipe of each artists’ best ingredients, making the song a must listen track of 2023.

For fans of Mark Tuan, the single reveals a new side of the artist. Known for his unique sound – it’s rare we hear a ‘house-y’ tune from this artist, but this collaboration proves he can do it all. Starting his career as a rapper with mega group GOT7, it is no surprise to his fans that there is a duality and flexibility in his music style. Dropping the single “Carry Me Out” just a few weeks ago, he breached the surface of his new sounds, and this track marked the start of Mark Tuan’s venture into more genres, including this exciting collaboration with Elephante and BEAUZ.

Over the past few years, BEAUZ have been growing in their notoriety in the EDM scene. Most recently they broke into the mainstream space with tracks featuring monumental producer Zedd and Maren Morris to team up for another hit song, showing their growing fan base why they are the kings of Psypop. Boasting a handful of successful albums and tracks to their name, this collaboration is no different. Like their fellow collaborators, BEAUZ are multi-talented performers who are ready to take the world by storm and this single is only the beginning.

Coming off the heels of his 88rising debut [NIKI, Rich Brian, Joji] with his hotly-anticipated sophomore album, Heavy Glow, Elephante is continuing his personal, sonic, and performance evolution into 2023. The producer ventured on a 20-market ‘Heavy Glow Tour’ last year, which showcased his guitar skills with stunning, dynamic visuals and effects. For 2023, this trend-setting, multifaceted talent is set to rock the country’s biggest cities with his new music and jaw dropping performances, including some of the most popular electronic music festivals in North America; with shows including Beyond Wonderland,  The Grand Boston in Boston, Heatwave in Chicago, Escapade in Ottawa, and the iconic Moonrise Festival in Baltimore. With his innovative beats and unmatched energy, Elephante is expected to deliver electrifying sets that will leave fans mesmerized and gain more prominence in the music industry.

About Elephante

A wildly innovative producer, artist, and songwriter fusing melodic electronic dance music with pop, blues, rock, and other genres, Elephante (American musical artist Tim Wu) is living what many people might call “The American Dream”.  As the son of Taiwanese immigrants, his Asian-American upbringing in Michigan was unique and sometimes isolating.  He graduated from Harvard University and entered corporate America at a top global consultant firm….and HATED it, so he addressed his unhappiness — “the elephant in the room” — and pursued his passion in music. To date, he’s garnered hundreds of millions of streams across his two indie EPs: I Am The Elephante (2016), a nine-track exploration of progressive house, synthpop and trap; and Glass Mansion (2018), which shot to #1 on iTunes! U.S. Dance chart. His upcoming project, Heavy Glow, represents his first full-length studio album, a largely solo effort further pushing the boundaries of dance music, featuring the debut single, “High Water.” Elephante has headlined two sold-out national tours, played nightlife residencies including those at Hard Rock and Wynn Las Vegas, and appeared at major music festivals such as  Lollapalooza, EDC Las Vegas, and Electric Zoo.


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BEAUZ is an American DJ / producer duo consisting of brothers Bernie and Johan Yang. From childhood, the brothers would quarrel over their undeniable similarities. Yet, their shared love for music brought them together. They share the same dream- to let the world feel what they feel through music. After graduating from USC and UC Berkeley, instead of continuing a career in their respective fields, they decided to pursue music production which stemmed from their childhood music lessons. Being classically trained in piano in combination with family heritage, the brothers embrace their Asian roots by infusing oriental elements in their art with contemporary electronic music. Their introduction into the electronic music industry began with remixes such as “Quicksand – BEAUZ Remix” that has won a competition and their remix of Two Friends’ “Emily” has even reached the top #1 spot on Soundcloud’s New & Hot chart. Their biggest hit Hide and Seek, a collaboration with Strange Fruits mastermind Steve Void, reached millions of streams across platforms and #1 on the Dutch iTunes chart. BEAUZ is the amalgam of three cultures. BEAUZ is family, hope, and love. BEAUZ is NEVER giving up.


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About Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and model. He is a member of the South Korean boy group Got7. Born in Los Angeles, California, he shows the passion for music since childhood as he took violin and piano lessons in elementary school, and guitar in junior high school. Mark caught the attention of a JYP Entertainment scout and was invited to the auditions. He moved to South Korea in 2010, learned to sing, rap and dance, and performed on a stage as a trainee. In 2014, Mark debuted as a part of K-pop boy group Got7, with the EP Got It? and has expressed his goals in becoming a singer-songwriter and making his own music. In 2021, Mark chose to start his solo journey and release his first solo single “One in a Million” in collaboration with Sanjoy Deb. He is known for multiple hits like “Carry Me Out,” “Selfish,” “Only human,” “IMYSM,” and “Far Away.” Mark is credited both for songwriting and composition across every song of the 20-track record in his first studio album “The Other Side,” showcasing the talent’s singing and rapping abilities.


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