8TURN Makes Their First Comeback With Mini Album, UNCHARTED DRIFT


8TURN has released their second mini-album, UNCHARTED DRIFT, since making their debut in January of this year with their album, 8TURNRISE. Their debut told the story of the eight members waking up the world of familiarity, but the story continues and expands with UNCHARTED DRIFT as the members explore the commotion of a midsummer night where their own unpredictability leads them to new adventures and goals.

“We’re very thrilled to make our first comeback. We were able to prepare for our second mini album ‘UNCHARTED DRIFT’ with great joy, thanks to all the care, wish, support, and love we’ve received. You’ll see our growth from our first album, so please stay tuned. Also, we ask for your continued support and love for 8TURN!” – JAE YUN of 8TURN

UNCHARTED DRIFT will include five new tracks, including the title track, “EXCEL,” which has the message of, “I will be responsible for all of my actions” and choosing the hard road towards their goals instead of the easy way out. “EXCEL” was written by Jo Yoon-Kyung (조윤경), who wrote the lyrics for the title track, “TIC TAC”, of their debut album. 8TURN worked with “THE HUB” a globalized production team along with worldwide mixing engineer, Tony Maserati known for his work with artists such as Twice, Alicia Keys, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Britney Spears, and more. Within this new mini-album, the members showcase various genres within their tracks, including rock (alternative and hard rock), hip-hop, and gospel.

The other tracks of UNCHARTED DRIFT include “WORLD” which the lyrics were written by 8TURN’s YUN GYU. It is an alternative rock and cinematic track that introduces the second universe story of 8TURN. “WALK IT OUT” is a hip-hop and dance track that is meant to inspire people to move away from being online and walk into the offline world. “SKETCH” is a hip-hop track that explores the colors of sound and love. And the final track “ING” is a pop track with elements of gospel and hip-hop that contains a message that the members will bring smiles and happiness to those who will have a long journey with 8TURN.


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