ChoCo1&2 (Jake, TJ, Anpan) Will Release Their 1st Album “ChoCo Takes Hollywood (MAX)” Today + Jake & Anpan To Appear On M COUNTDOWN

The first project unit from ChoCo – ChoCo1&2, consisting of ChoCo Entertainment trainees Jake and TJ from ChoCo1 and Anpan from ChoCo2, will be releasing their first album, “ChoCo Takes Hollywood (MAX)”, at noon KST today (June 1, 2023), giving K-Pop fans a glimpse of their unique musical color.

Ushering in a new generation of K-Pop, ChoCo1&2 will take you on a fantastic musical journey akin to the feeling of entering a whole new world like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. You can meet the distinct charms and artistry of the trainees through three representative tracks, namely ‘Freeze’ – which exudes their striking energy, ‘Pink Drive’ – a song perfect for a drive at dawn, and ‘Fruity Loops’ – a quirky track by the leader unit – Jake and Anpan.

Along with the original English songs, a Korean language version of each – called the “515 version” (referring to King SeJeong’s birthday) will also be released through the album, making for a total of 6 songs in the tracklist.

“ChoCo Takes Hollywood (MAX)” will present a fresh vibe, different from the previously released digital album “ChoCo Takes Hollywood“, which contained the 10 OSTs featured in ChoCo’s reality show “ChoCo In Hollywood“.

Moreover, Jake and Anpan of ChoCo1&2 have also confirmed their appearance on today’s M COUNTDOWN broadcast, where they will be performing “Fruity Loops” for the first time on stage! You can look forward to a refreshing performance from these new stars as they take their first step in the music industry.

“ChoCo Takes Hollywood (MAX)” will be out on various online music platforms from noon KST onwards today!

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