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[Event Coverage] The Siren Kim Woo Seok, Captivates NIAs At Recent Fancon

Kim Woo Seok charmed Malaysian NIAs during his visit here as part of his Asia Fancon tour at ZEPP Kuala Lumpur.

The concert kicked off a little after 6pm, local time, with the singer looking like a Prince, decked in a white suit, performing Dawn and Slip. MC of the night, Hana then joined him on stage as he formally introduced himself to the audience. He shared that he hasn’t tasted much Malaysian food but was open to suggestions in which one of the suggestions was Laksa. After the short interaction, the singer continued on with Love and Hate, then Shame, before heading backstage for a costume change.

Kim Woo Seok then came back on stage with a cute dance cover of NewJean’s OMG. He was later joined again by MC Hana as they played games where Woo Seok was tasked to remember details of past events. Fans can’t help laughing throughout the second game where Woo Seok has to guess the fanchant of his title tracks. Failing to do so, he did a fanchant with the word Laksa instead. He then continued on with Sugar.

After another short costume change, cute Woo Seok then changed to sexy Woo Seok as he performed Red Moon and Ghostin’ before a short Q&A session. Questions were collected from the fans before the concert and it connected NIAs with Woo Seok and made the fancon more intimate.

The segment continues on as he performed What Are You Up To Tonight and What More Can I Do? The mood was then changed as he performed Switch and Holiday. As the fans screamed for encore, the singer returned performing better, but instead of the stage, he performed the song from the hall’s seating area, among the fans.

Malaysian NIAs also prepared a surprise fan event for their favourite performer, with a video showing their support and appreciation. As the fancon comes to an end the singer took a commemorative photo with the audience.

The fancon ended with a short goodbye event with the fans. Fans were surely captivated by The Siren, which is Kim Woo Seok and we look forward to his next visit to Malaysia.

We would like to thank Fast Track Events for the invitation.

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