Love Checked In: King The Land Tops Netflix’s Non-English TV Chart

Image, courtesy of Netflix. Source: Netflix Top 10 as of 5 July 2023 8.30 AM MYT.

Serving a heartwarming mix of humour, sweet romance, and an engaging plot, Netflix series King the Land has joyously found its place at the top of the Global Non-English TV list, ranking in the Top 10 charts in 31 countries,  including clinching the #1 spot in Malaysia, for the week of 26 June 2023.

King the Land unfolds within the bustling world of King Hotel, where we meet Gu Won, a sophisticated heir played by Jun-ho who returns to the family business to uncover the mysteries of his past. His path intertwines with Cheon Sa-rang, a spirited hotel intern played by Yoon-a. Their initial encounters are laden with comic misunderstandings, but as the story progresses, a sweet romance blossoms, infusing the show with a perfect balance of laughs and love.

The endearing chemistry between Jun-ho and Yoon-a is infectious. Reflecting on the show’s success, Jun-ho shared, “We sincerely thank all of the global viewers who have shown their love for King the Land. We were thrilled to be able to present our work to global fans through Netflix. We want to express our thanks once again for your love, and kindly ask for your continued interest and affection towards King the Land moving forward.” 

Yoon-a expressed her gratitude to fans of the show, saying, “We’re so grateful for all the love and attention from our fans globally — it’s truly heartwarming. We hope you’ll continue to join us on this journey. Stay tuned for the remaining episodes of King the Land!” The heartening performances by Jun-ho and Yoon-a have certainly added a charming touch to King the Land. 

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