More Of The Hottest Korean Shows Premiering On Astro This July

Calming Signals: Woof & Meow, KPOP Generation, Angel’s Last Mission: Love, and more

More of the hottest Korean dramas and movies on Astro this July

  • In July, all K-fans can enjoy the hottest Korean dramas, movies and variety shows premiering on Astro via KBS World (Ch 392 HD), ONE (Ch 393 HD), tvN (Ch 395 HD), K-Plus (Ch 396 HD), and tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD). Fans can also stream available episodes anytime, anywhere On Demand and on Astro GO.
  • Fans can enjoy the hottest dramas, movies and variety shows, including:
    • Romance drama Calming Signals: Woof & Meow, starring Cha Hun, Chae-kyung and more, from 27 July on K-Plus (Ch 396 HD).
    • Music documentary KPOP Generation, featuring Leeteuk, Minho, 2PM, HIGHLIGHT, Suho, Hwasa, Hoshi, Doyoung, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, from 9 July on tvN (Ch 395 HD).
    • Romance comedy drama Men Are Men, starring Hwang Ji-woo, Park Do-gyeom, See Hyun Joo, Han See-yoon, every Thursday on KBS World (Ch 392 HD).
    • Romance drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love, starring Kim Myung Soo (L), Shin Hye Sun, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Bo Mi, every Tuesday and Wednesday on KBS World (Ch 392 HD).
    • Variety show Camp Zerobaseone, starring Zerobaseone (ZB1), every Thursday on tvN (Ch 392 HD).
    • Comedy movie Switch, starring Kwon Sang-Woo, Oh Jung-Se, Lee Min-Jung, and more on 8 July via tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD).
    • Action movie The Assassin, starring Shin Hyun-Joon, Lee Moon-Sik, Lee Jung-Min and more on 22 July via tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD).
    • Family movie My Puppy, starring Cha Tae-Hyun, Yoo Yeon-Seok, and more on 29 July via tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD).

Programme Highlights

Calming Signals: Woof & Meow [Premiere]

27 July, Thursday & Friday, 8pm, K-Plus (Ch 396 HD)

Terrified of going through his entire twenties without a proper relationship, Ha Joon agrees to visit a dating consultation company with some of his college friends. While there, Ha Joon finds himself crossing paths with Do Hee, a pretty young lady who looks exactly like his first love. Bonding over their mutual affection for their pets, Ha Joon and Do Hee find themselves drawing even closer, but is that one connection enough to spark love’s eternal flame?

KPOP Generation [Premiere]

9 July, Sunday, 6.20pm, tvN (Ch 395 HD)

Join the industry’s leading artists as they take us back to the origins of K-pop and walk us through the progression of the industry over the years.

Men Are Men

Every Thursday, 10.15pm, KBS World (Ch 392 HD)

This is a story of a woman who decided not to marry because of hurtful loves, a man who still loves her and wants to protect her for life, and a man who wants to correct his relationship with her in his past life through love. Could she keeps a single life?

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Every Tuesday & Wednesday, 9.05pm, KBS World (Ch 392 HD)

Angel’s Last Mission: Love stars an angel named Dan, a troublemaker who fell to the human world after meddling in human affairs, and a human named Lee Yeonseo, a ballerina who doesn’t believe in love.

Camp Zerobaseone

Every Thursday, 10.30pm, tvN (Ch 395 HD)

A camping reality show in which the nine members get on a special edition camping car to go on a trip. Starting from “zero,” the members make their camping trip by completing mysterious missions.

Switch [Premiere]

8 July, Saturday, 10pm, tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD)

The movie “Switch” is about top star Park Kang, who is a hit actor but a troublemaker, meets a taxi driver on Christmas Eve and experiences a new life.

The Assassin [Premiere]

22 July, Saturday, 10pm, tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD)

Lee Nan hides in a village to escape from his enemies. There, he witnessed atrocities and people are desperate for help. The killer buried in his heart finally makes his appearance.

My Puppy [Premiere]

29 July, Saturday, 10pm, tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD)

Min-soo (Yoo Yeon-seok) is an ordinary office worker who dreams of a perfect family. He has a dog, Rooney, whom he treats as a younger brother. Unexpected circumstances arises in Min-soo’s life, when he can no longer live with Rooney ahead of his marriage with his fiancée who is allergic to dogs.

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