Queenz Eye To Make A Comeback With ‘UNI-Q’ This July 6th, The “Performance Queenz” Return

The rookie K-Pop girl group Queenz Eye (WONCHAE, HANNAH, NARIN, AHYOON, DAMIN) is ready to take off in the K-pop scene with their upcoming second track, their first in 8 months following their debut single ‘QUEENZ TABLE’.

The girls are ready to hit the stage with another powerful, yet mesmerizing performance with their title track, ‘UN-NORMAL’.

Queenz Eye recently released their concept photos full of charismatic style, drawing curiosity and channeling hype toward their new album ‘UNI-Q’.

The rookie group has been working hard to prepare for their new album, ‘UNI-Q’, for about eight months since the release of their debut album, ‘QUEENZ TABLE’. Expectations and anticipation are already high on what concept and musical spectrum the girls will surprise K-Pop fans around the world with this time.

In particular, all of the members of Queenz Eye participated in choreographing their debut song, ‘Yummy Yummy’, and the group will also aim to garner global fanship with unique and original performances through their ‘UNI-Q’ promotion.

Queenz Eye’s second single album ‘UNI-Q’ drops on July 6th, 6 PM KST.

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