Krazy K-Pop Super Concert Complete Its First Show!



Fans begin joining the arena with music filled with various trending K-pop songs. The night started with a pre-show called ” I LOVE DANCE” with a group covering K-pop music from the past decade. They first kick off with the classic hit song “Gangnam Style” by PSY followed by the rest of theses incredible artists, MONSTA X “Shoot Out”, TWICE “Fancy”, NCT 127 “Kick It”, NMIXX “O.O”, BLACKPINK “Pink Venom”, LE SSERAFIM “ANTIFRAGILE”, KAI “Rover”, Chaeyeon “Knock”, IVE “I AM”, ATEEZ “BOUNCY”, New Jeans “Super Shy”, and SEVENTEEN “Super”. JINSOL WOO next joined the stage to showcase his music to fans. Many may know him as the founder and creative director of the label OHTNYC, but he is also a musician. You can check out more music here and listen to his EP “Attachment”.

The night officially started with CRAVITY performing “My Turn” and “Baddie” before introducing themselves to their fans. The 9-member boy group recently came two months prior for their 1st world tour MASTERPIECE in USA and was excited to have another opportunity as it will be their second time in New York. CRAVITY continued with “FLY” and “Groovy” from their latest album MASTER:PIECE album as their last two songs before leaving the stage. Their bright smiles and high energy was the best way to open up any stage.

AB6IX, the quartet boy group enters next to perform “LOSER” from their latest album THE FUTURE IS OURS: LOST. Woojin hypes up the crowd throughout their song “SAVIOR” and “THE ANSWER”. They take a moment to greet the fans and answer questions from JRE who was tonight’s MC. JRE asks “What are your most memorable experiences from your performances in New York last year?” Woojin says he likes jogging in New York as it is like he’s not in Korea, going to Times Square and doing everything has been fun. Daehwi continues with “Last time when we came to New York, we went to Times Square and on the billboard, we saw our advertisement, (yeah) that was really cool”. Woong says he came to New York for the first time ever last year and every moment was special. Lastly, Donghyun it was their first fan meet last year in New York and he wanted to thank everyone for the hot response from the event last year. After their interview, the group completed their night with “BLAZE” and “BREATHE” from their debut album B:COMPLETE.

Solo singer, Kwon Eun Bi, shows that she can overtake any stage with her hit song “Underwater” from her 3rd mini album Lethality. She introduces herself and tells her fans how much she loves them and if they have heard her song “Underwater” before starting on her next song “Door” “Glitch”. She takes another moment to chat with her fans with happiness and gets asked about her first impression of New York by the MC. Eun bi responded it’s been a while since KCON NY when she last visited. She also was not aware of how popular Underwater would have gotten overseas. As she is currently a Radio DJ, she is excited to talk to fans and hopes the fans continue to support her. Eun bi dances around the stage and enjoys the night with her fans with “Beautiful Night” and ends “The Flash” from her latest EP The Flash.

IVE, the sextet girl group who has been taking the world by storm with each comeback opened their set with “Kitsch” and “After Like”. After introducing themselves, Leader Yujin mentions how long she’s been waiting to meet New York DIVE’s and she would love to try New York steak. Wonyoung adds she would like to see Times Square. They recently wrapped up their 1st Asian Fan Concert Tour “The Prom Queens” and the MC asked if they would add New York as a stop for their future tour. Wonyoung responded happily as she would love to revisit New York again as soon as possible. IVE goes into formation with their debut track “ELEVEN” and hit song “Love Dive” which won them Song Of The Year at MAMA before finishing their stage with “I AM”.

SHOWNU x HYUNGWON (MONSTA X) was the closing artist of the night. The duo confidently walks on stage to begin with “Love me a little” and “Who do you love?”. This single was a collaboration featuring artist French Montana in 2020. Leader Shownu starts off their introduction with “I miss you so much” followed by Hyungwon asking “Did you miss us?” to let fans know how much they’ve missed New York Monbebe’s. The last time fans saw MONSTA X in New York was in 2022 after having to postpone the tour due to the pandemic. Shownu and Hyungwon move smoothly to “Play Me” and “Slow Dance” for their next songs. The duo doesn’t hesitate to show that they are a jack of all trades by performing without backup dancers throughout the entire night. “Wildfire” was their last song and both members took it upon themselves to cover each member part’s perfectly to wrap up the night with their fans.

We would like to give our thanks to KRAZY K-POP SUPER CONCERT for the opportunity to review this event.

All photography credits goes to USB Arena/Dennis DaSilva

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