Rising K-Pop Group CRAVITY Share 6th Mini-Album ‘SUN SEEKER’

Singapore – K-Pop group CRAVITY have shared their 6th mini album ‘SUN SEEKER’. Fans can stream ‘SUN SEEKER’ here https://orcd.co/sunseeker and watch the music video for “Ready Or Not” here https://youtu.be/0nkjjcB5oZ0

With a steep upward trajectory in their career, CRAVITY is set to prove the expansion of their story, the establishment of their style, and their further growth as artists with impeccable teamwork. CRAVITY sings about their fiery youth, liberating adolescence, and connection with one another. As the album title ‘SUN SEEKER’ suggests, the album is filled with a message of passionate dreams.

The focus track “Ready or Not”  serves as the representative song of this album, showcasing CRAVITY’s distinctive pleasant and energetic vibe along with a blend of both Korean and English lyrics. It’s a dynamic pop-rock song with an up-tempo beat, built upon an addictive guitar riff. The coexistence of liveliness and intensity in this unique style is conveyed throughout the song, narrating the infinite and fierce love of youth wanting to conquer the world. Combined with emotional performances, the intricately woven storyline defines CRAVITY’s signature youthful spirit.

The theme of chasing freedom is also vividly expressed through the music video. Characterized by the bright and playful atmosphere of the members, the music video radiates CRAVITY’s dynamic and sporty charm. It illustrates the dedication to paving their own individual paths while depicting a commitment to becoming collaborators who help complete each other’s lives.

If their previous album ‘MASTER:PIECE’ conveyed the message that “each individual piece comes together to create empathy,” this album tells the story of youth striving to seize their dreams by discovering their unique powers and individuality. This also signifies the nine members of CRAVITY coming together to respect each other’s individuality and independent life.

Unrelenting youth filled with the vibrant energy of fresh adolescence, CRAVITY’s new album ‘SUN SEEKER’ will undoubtedly become music that represents youth who constantly evolve and venture into new endeavors.

CRAVITY was appointed as Korea’s ‘2022 Overseas Ambassadors for Korean Culture’, a title previously held by global K-pop artists including BTSCNBLUE, and Stray Kids. They are poised to burst onto the global scene already having played a concert in Manila in August this year, and will be returning to Southeast Asia with their show in Bangkok in October.

Listen to ‘SUN SEEKER’  here: https://orcd.co/sunseeker

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