SEVENTEEN’s Jun Nominated For ‘Best Newcomer Actor’ For iQIYI Original Exclusive Fairytale At The Busan International Film Festival Asia Contents Award and Global OTT Awards 2023

Asia’s streaming leader iQIYI has excelled once again, with its titles securing two nominations at the Busan International Film Festival Asia Contents Award and Global OTT Awards 2023. This included iQIYI original series The Knockout and iQIYI exclusive series Exclusive Fairy Tale, which have been nominated for the “Best OTT Original Award” and “Best Newcomer Award” respectively.

Ever since its global launch at the start of the year, The Knockout has broken many records in China, including iQIYI’s own popularity statistics at 11800 and had also achieved a stellar rating of 9.5 on Weibo. As Asian content gains more exposure and popularity worldwide, The Knockout will be pitted against popular series Weak Hero Class 1, Get Rich, Shadow Detective and Wave Makers for the award, making this award a highly anticipated one.

K-pop male group SEVENTEEN’s Wen Junhui made his first drama debut in iQIYI’s Exclusive Fairy Tale, gaining much popularity from it. The series also clinched 1st place in nine other countries just four days after its launch. Wen Junhui will be competing against Park Jihoon, Lee Jungha and Prudtichai Ruayfupant for the “Best Newcomer Award”, creating quite a buzz online from all their international fans.

More information on both drama series:
The Knockout is set in the year 2000 when policeman An Xin (played by Zhang Yi (张译)) befriends the often-bullied fishmonger Gao Qiqiang (played by Zhang Songwen (张颂文)). However, Gao Qiqiang and his brother strayed from the path of righteousness, eventually becoming leaders of the mafia in the city of Jinghai. The two friends end up on opposing sides
of the law, beginning a 20-year-long feud. The series alternates between 2000, when the two friends just met each other, and 2021, when An Xin is leading a task force to eradicate crime from the city, beginning with the mafia.

Adapted from a popular online novel, Exclusive Fairy Tale is directed by Gong Yushi and stars Wen Junhui and Zhang Miaoyi, where the drama tells the story of the sensitive and independent Ling Chao (played by Wen Junhui) and the carefree and adorable Xiao Tu (played by Zhang Miaoyi). This pair of childhood friends have known each other since birth and eventually embark on a sweet and romantic journey.

Both The Knockout and Exclusive Fairy Tale are showing exclusively on iQIYI’s global platform ( and the iQIYI app).

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