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Spotify Spotlights K-hip-hop Scene In Celebration Of 50 Years Of Hip-Hop

As part of celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop worldwide, Spotify unveiled a diverse range of content including an animated series on iconic hip-hop locations from around the world – in which South Korea’s vibrant hip-hop scene is also spotlighted.

The series, underscoring hip-hop’s influence in over nine different markets including South Korea, consists of visually captivating artwork crafted by the talented Korean artist and illustrator Yewon Hwang.

And in a narrative guided by rapper BILL STAX, the episode spotlighting the South Korean hip-hop scene dives into the evolution of K-hip-hop’s unique culture, including the rich history of the vibrant Hongdae neighborhood in Seoul. The animated episode is available on Spotify Korea’s official social channels including Instagram and Twitter.

Furthermore, Spotify introduced the ‘Hip-Hop Turns 50’ hub on the platform earlier in August. This hub served as a comprehensive repository, housing over 40 global playlists that encapsulate the diverse eras, regions, and trends that have significantly influenced the genre over the past half-century. Not only was the Korean hip-hop playlist ‘KrOWN’ included in the hub, but tracks by Korean hip-hop artists, including “AEAO” by Dynamicduo and DJ Premier, and “Monet” by Beenzino, are also featured in Spotify’s ‘Global Hip-Hop’ playlist.

“Interacting with listeners for a long time, hip-hop has evolved into various styles and become a globally beloved genre and culture,” said Tiger JK, the renowned artist known as the godfather of Korean hip-hop. “The 50th anniversary of hip-hop holds profound significance, resonating not only with global audiences but also with listeners in Korea. I am genuinely thrilled to witness K-hip-hop receiving well-deserved recognition within Spotify’s global campaign. My hope is that this will pave the way for more opportunities, allowing Korean hip-hop artists and their music to forge deeper connections with listeners worldwide.”

“A platform where artists and their music are presented to fans and new listeners worldwide is crucial,” said Dynamicduo, featured in the latest cover of KrOWN. “We hold the aspiration that Spotify’s playlists and campaign will serve as a significant avenue for introducing numerous talented Korean artists to a broader global audience.”

Meanwhile, Spotify’s K-hip-hop playlist ‘KrOWN’ marked its first anniversary in September this year, reaching over 500K followers. With its name combining “KR,” the country code for South Korea, and “Crown/Own” which refers to the crowned Kings and Queens who own K-hip-hop worldwide, KrOWN has been positioning itself as the ultimate destination for K-hip-hop fans both in Korea and overseas, spreading K-hip-hop’s unique energy, sound, and culture across the world.

“From K-pop to K-hip-hop, Spotify is dedicated to the globalization of diverse Korean cultural content. As part of our ongoing commitment to this endeavor, we’ve shone a spotlight on the vibrant Korean hip-hop scene through our hip-hop 50th anniversary campaign,” said a Spotify spokesperson.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop this year, Spotify globally presented various top lists since May, such as ‘50 Greatest Hip-Hop Beats of All Time’, ‘50 Most Streamed Rappers on Spotify’, and ‘50 Most Streamed Rap Songs on Spotify’. It also carried out diverse activities including the installation of large-scale murals and billboards across hip-hop meccas like New York and Atlanta last month, paying homage to some of the artists that paved the way in their own cities.

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