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5 Thrilling Korean Shows You Can Watch Instead of Rom-Coms

All sorts of thrills available!

With Halloween being just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some thrilling Korean content. From straight up horror to mystery, there are all different types of thrillers you can watch. Check out which suspenseful shows suit your fancy below.

1. Drama Thriller

Bae Suzy

If you’re a fan of the drama genre, Anna will be perfect for you. The series centres on Lee Yu-mi (Bae Suzy) whose life changes drastically after she tells a lie. Coming from a working class family, Yu-mi has deep aspirations for upward mobility. One lie leads to another lie and eventually a tower of lies as she struggles to uphold the facade of her fabricated identity. Thrills ensue as individuals become aware of Yu-mi’s true status and the fallout has serious consequences.

2. Mystery Thriller

Kim Sung-oh, Kim Tae-hee

Lies Hidden in My Garden should be your pick if you love mystery. The series is an unsettling thriller that shows Moon Ju-ran’s (Kim Tae-hee) seemingly perfect life crumble after she notices an awful odour coming from her garden. Her husband dismisses her comments about the stench, but Ju-ran’s suspicions remain and she is unsure if she can even trust herself. She comes across a woman named Sang-eun (Lim Ji-yeon) who lives worlds apart from her, but they decide to investigate together.

3. Crime Thriller

Cha Lae-hyung, Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong

If you appreciate procedurals, The Killing Vote will be up your alley. A masked individual conducts a nationwide death penalty vote, prompting citizens to vote whether or not a criminal who has evaded punishment deserves the death penalty. If the majority vote in favour of the death penalty, an execution takes place. Police team leader Kim Mu-chan (Park Hae-jin) leads the chase to find the masked individual and block the executions, as everyone grapples with what true justice is.

4. Disaster Thriller

Jung Sang-hoon, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Rae-won, Park Byung-eun

Decibel is the right choice if you’re looking for an exciting movie with high stakes on the line. The premise involves a bomb designer who has planted sound-activated bombs all over the city. When the noise levels rise and reach a certain decibel, the bombs will detonate. In a race against the ticking bombs, former naval commander Kang Do-young (Kim Rae-won) seeks the culprit behind the explosives as he strives to save lives.

5. Horror Thriller

Kim Bo-ra, Kim Jae-hyun

In the case that you’re seeking a horror thriller, check out Ghost Station. This film introduces a series of perplexing deaths occurring at Oksu subway station. In search of a scoop, reporter Na-yeong (Kim Bo-ra) begins investigating after her friend Woo-won (Kim Jae-hyun) — who works at the subway station — informs her about the eerie deaths. The pair discover the chilling truth behind the events, and they become aware of a deadly curse.

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