[Event Coverage] BamBam Gives Great Fan Service at Malaysia AREA52 Concert

  • Thai K-pop singer BamBam fulfilled Malaysian fans wishes as he performed at Mega Star Arena on Sunday. The concert was part of his 1st World Tour [AREA52]. An open press conference was also held the day before at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

AREA52 Cutie BamBam

The concert, which lasted for about 2 hours was filled with fun and laughter with the fans. BamBam, who is known to be very talkative with the fans, spent breaktimes having chats with the fans in attendance. Fans from all ages were seen enjoying the concert, and some were from overseas too.

BamBam expressed his excitement from the energy shown by the fans. He apologised for the cancellation of the Got7 World Tour in 2020 and thankful that he managed to come here 3 years later. BamBam promised to come again either with Got7 (this would take longer as JB and Jinyoung is still undergoing their mandatory national service) or with a Got7 member on his following solo concert. BamBam even joked that Mark Tuan was joining him on stage during the encore, eliciting laughters from the fans.

BamBam performed about 20 songs energetically, including songs from his recentl album Sweet & Sour.

The highlight of the night was when BamBam performed a song from local group Insomniacks – Pulang. “How is my Malay? Is it good?” asked BamBam as he finished singing the song the first time.


BamBam cover Insomniacks’ Pulang @ 2023-2024 BAMBAM THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52] in KUALA LUMPUR

♬ original sound – K-popped! Crew – K-popped! Crew

“Do you want me to sing it one more time? It’s a good song, and as I have memorised it, it’s a pity to just sing it once. Let’s sing it together, ok?” said BamBam, and true to their words, the fans sang along with the idol.

BamBam surprised the fans with a chance to have a photo taken with him backstage. What was supposed to be 10 lucky fans, turned 21 lucky fans as he can’t stop selecting numbers and making fans happy.

While BamBam spoke mostly in English, being a K-pop star, some words came out in Korean and fans understood exactly what he was saying. “You guys are cute, do you all understand Korean?” (Speaking in Korean again to test the fans). And he was surprised as fans manage to answer his question.


During encore, BamBam came out wearing gloves and made another surprise as he went down to the VIP area. “I wanted to say Hi to my fans, so I came out prepared – with gloves”. BamBam also gave out a shirt that he was wearing to a fan of 10 years. What a lucky fan!

BamBam greeted fans in the VIP Zone

After singing Got7 songs – Na Na Na, Lullaby and Hard Carry, BamBam asked the fans, “Do you want me to sing Just Right? I don’t want to go yet, so let’s do that too ya?”.

“I promise we will see each other again! Thank you for this wonderful night.” said BamBam as he left the stage. Half an hour or so later, BamBam showed up in the midst of fans for a Hi-touch session. Such a wonderful night for all IGot7 that was at the concert that night.

We would like to thank our friends at iMe Malaysia for the invitation.

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