AMPERS&ONE Makes An Entrance With Their Sweet Debut!

Get Ready To Be Wowed by New K-Pop Boy Group AMPERS&ONE

South Korean entertainment agency, FNC Entertainment has announced their seven-member pre-debut boy group AMPERS&ONE, who have released their highly anticipated debut album, “AMPERSAND ONE,” today on all streaming platforms. Consisting of members Kamden, Brian, Jiho, Siyun, Kyrell, Mackiah, and Seungmo, the group hails from every corner of the globe. Korean, American, Canadian, Chinese, and Australian, the multi-national group presents a diverse collection of individuals gathered through their love of music and dancing.

Despite their youth, talent is served in abundance with these boys. Kamden, Brian, and Jiho were contestants on MNET’S survival show Boys Planet, placing 17th, 37th, and 55th respectively. Kamden and Jiho were also contestants on MBC’s survival show Wild Idol. Siyun was a contestant on Treasure Box and a former member of trainee group WM Ggumnamu. Their sound is a perfect blend of pop elements that delivers a high energy and powerful rhythm to get listeners moving. AMPERS&ONE’s singing style is a fun and light pop sound, contrasted with a lower and more mature beat, adding depth and variation to the song. Each member performs their best moves smoothly and effortlessly, making a strong impression of their highly-skilled choreography.

Now stepping into the K-pop scene, they have already shown a lot of promise with their polished performance skills; checking all the boxes with their upbeat sound, precise choreography, classy sense of fashion, and overall visual presentation.

The first track “On And On” is an uplifting anthem that introduces you to the group’s sound and sets the tone for the rest of the album. For their Gen-Zers audience, the song inspires learning the dance to lyrics, such as “we can start it up” that also delivers a punch to the beat. True to the new group’s identity, their boy-next-door quality shines through while also adding to their already dynamic range. The music video is equally mesmerizing for the catchy tune, reminiscent of early K-pop vibes with a high school setting, stand out fashion, exceptional choreography, and more that only can be described as a perfect debut.

The next track, ‘Sheesh’ offers a thrilling musical experience, showcasing a love song set to a groovy rhythm with an amazing energy. It perfectly encapsulates the exhilaration and admiration experienced by someone who is absolutely captivated, prompting them to enthusiastically exclaim ‘sheesh’ in sheer amazement. The members sing about being absolutely spellbound as they ‘go crazy when I see you’ and ‘you’re in my head all night.’

The band delivers a jubilant declaration of love in ‘Sweet and Sour’ that is as catchy as it is lovely. The lyrics joyfully express the feelings of your first love as they exclaim, ‘Sweet and sour love, this is heaven,’ perfectly highlighting the feelings of budding love lyrically, while also sharing more of their uplifting pop style. Featuring a toe-tapping melody and a catchy chorus that’s destined to be on everyone’s lips, ‘Sweet and Sour’ is a pop gem that combines irresistible hooks with an unwaveringly positive energy, making it an instant favorite for fans of all ages.

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