My SHINee World Concert Movie Showing On 17, 18, 19 November

My SHINee World is a special concert movie that embodies the shining moments of k-pop idol group SHINee and its fandom SHINee World had over the last 15 years.

The film will feature never-before-seen content including six of SHINee’s solo concert performances throughout the years, seen from a variety of angles.
Title    :      My Shinee World
Date   :      17, 18, 19 November 2023
                  Limited shows at selected TGV Cinemas
SHINee & SHINee World’s Past 15 Years Together & Now

From the group’s debut song <Replay> in 2008 to <Juliette>, <Ring Ding Dong>, <Sherlock (Clue + Note)> <View>, <1 of 1>, <Don’t Call Me> and <Hard> (recently released in 2023),SHINee has reigned in the world of K-pop with countless hit songs. <My SHINee World> includes the members’ glittering performances in their 6th concert.

‘SHINee WORLD VI [PERFECT ILLUMINATION]’ and their 5 previous “SHINee World” concerts that touched and thrilled many fans.

The special concert movie also captures SHINee’s journey through the past 15 years in the eyes of the fans! Filled with passionate concert performances and behind-the-scenes stories, travel through time and witness how SHINee and the fans
have illuminated each other’s worlds!

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