Qew Communications Sdn Bhd Delivers Exceptional Experience For FTISLAND Fans In Malaysia

In a remarkable display of event management, multimedia creative, and broadcasting expertise, Qew Communications Sdn Bhd (Qew Comm) has once again surpassed expectations. This time, they’ve set their sights on a very special objective – satisfying the passionate FTISLAND fans in Malaysia by recreating unforgettable fan experiences.  The organizer is also very excited to have FTISLAND as their first KPOP concert project.

Dedicated to Korean Music Fans in Malaysia

FTISLAND, the beloved South Korean rock band, has a devoted fan base in Malaysia. FTISLAND is set to provide their fans, well known as “PRIMADONNAS,” with a long-awaited opportunity to relive nostalgic memories while embracing new music and thrilling live shows. This return marks a special moment in the band’s history, promising to bring an abundance of joy to their fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Following their successful “HEY DAY” concert held for 2 days in Seoul, Korea in August, all the tickets are sold out! South Korea’s rock band, FTISLAND, promptly announced international tour dates, including a confirmed show in Malaysia, titled “2024 FTISLAND LIVE ‘HEY DAY’ IN KUALA LUMPUR.” This highly anticipated event is scheduled to take place on February 24, 2024, commencing at 8 PM at Zepp Kuala Lumpur. Tickets for the concert will officially go on sale at 12 PM on November 30,2023.

Since FTISLAND’s electrifying performance at the “K-Wave 3 Music Festival” in Malaysia in 2018, devoted Malaysian “PRIMADONNAS” have fervently clamoured for the band’s return to host a solo concert and the news of their first visit to Kuala Lumpur again in five years has elicited the fans’ excitement.

FTISLAND’s “HEY DAY” concert which was commenced in Seoul in August, and also the subsequent announcement of tours in Taipei and Bangkok in 2024 also garnered tremendous response. The Seoul concerts showcased FTISLAND’s signature emotive rock ballads, renditions of tracks from their latest album, as well as a riveting solo guitar performance by Lee Hong Gi, all of which left international fans eagerly anticipating more.

In early September, FTISLAND’s 9th mini-album “Sage” was unveiled. “Sage” contains a message of moving forward into a broader world and navigating one’s path wisely. The title track, “Sage” with lyrics penned by Lee Hong Gi and Lee Jae Jin, encapsulates the steadfast commitment to forge ahead on one’s unique journey, offering inspiration to contemporaries navigating the challenges of this era.

FTISLAND, whose 16th debut anniversary has passed and the 17th anniversary is coming up, has presented a diverse genre of musical expressions that shows their artistry and the diversity of their upcoming concert through this latest album.

Tickets Officially Available for Sale from November 30 at 12 PM!

Powered by Qew Communications Sdn Bhd, official radio partners Eight FM, Hot FM, Fly FM, tickets for the “2024 FTISLAND LIVE ‘HEY DAY’ IN KUALA LUMPUR” will be available for purchase starting from 12 PM on November 30, through my.bookmyshow.com and hotline +603-92124202. Ticket prices for the concert range from RM 688 (VIP Rock Zone – Free Standing), RM 588 (CAT1 – Free Standing), RM 488 (CAT2 – Numbered Seating), to RM 388 (CAT3 – Free Standing). For further information, kindly visit official facebook : https://www.facebook.com/qewcomm/

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