Vince Releases MV ‘Get Out’ + Announces Debut EP [The Drive] Set To Release November 17 via THEBLACKLABEL


Watch the video for “Get Out”:

South Korean Singer-Songwriter Vince marks his comeback with “Get Out“, the first single and music video from his upcoming debut EP, [The Drive]. Out today via THEBLACKLABEL, “Get Out” is a blend of R&B and disco-based EDM, the track sends a dual message, implicitly urging someone who can’t break free from the past to “get out” and also come “with me” (Korean translation of the title “나와”). Both charming and witty with a progression that builds up to a climatic drop, this song has an undeniable groove that makes you want to dance.

Vince also announces the release of his 7-track EP [The Drive] which will be released on November 17 alongside the title track “U U U” which he wrote alongside TEDDY and which is produced by 24. This long-awaited album finds Vince stepping out to the forefront after working behind the scenes as a Songwriter and Producer on global hits such as LISA‘s “MONEY“, JISOO’s “FLOWER“, JENNIE‘s “YOU & ME” and BLACKPINK‘s “SHUT DOWN“. Vince has also worked on almost all of the songs on TAEYANG‘s previous two albums including the hit “VIBE feat. Jimin of BTS” as well as JEON SOMI‘s “Fast Forward“. With his solo project, Vince is able to show his unique identity with his own distinct mood and style.

The music video for “Get Out” is stylish and colorful and finds Vince alongside a striking female lead as they playfully engage in a world somewhere between reality and a video game. The futuristic visuals match well with the baseline and groove of “Get Out” which was produced by THEBLACKLABEL hit-making producer, R.Tee who is known for his electronic production and work on hits from BIGBANG, TREASURE, JEON SOMI, and almost all of BLACKPINK’s catalogue.

[The Drive] is comprised of tracks that Vince has curated over the past three years while carefully vibing out to and evaluating them during his daily drives, thus making the music especially enjoyable to listen to while driving. The album combines various emotions and perspectives on love along with Vince’s exceptional songwriting and producing abilities. [The Drive] is not simply about the act of driving, but has a separate meaning defined as one’s desire, also known as one’s ‘Drive’, allowing listeners to encounter Vince’s own ambitions through this EP. The album will be released on November 17th via THEBLACKLABEL.

Also known as Joe Rhee, VINCE has written and produced for an all-star lineup of talent including G-Dragon, iKON, JEON SOMI, and BLACKPINK. He was heavily credited on TAEYANG’s record-breaking album, ‘WHITE NIGHT’ which spent two weeks at #1 on the Billboard World Digital Albums chart, and has contributed to every song on TAEYANG’s comeback EP, ‘Down to Earth’, including the singles ‘VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)’, ‘Seed’, and ‘Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)’. He also co-wrote and co-produced one of Korea’s best-selling songs of 2017, Sunmi’s smash hit ‘Gashina’, which landed on the ‘Best K-Pop Song of the Year’ list in Billboard.

In 2021 he co-wrote LISA’s ‘MONEY’ which remained on the Billboard Global Top 10 chart for over four weeks, then provided songwriting for BLACKPINK’s 2022 single, ‘Shut Down’. As a solo artist, Vince released his first single, ‘MENNAL’, followed by ‘EMERGENCY’ featuring one of Korea’s best-selling artists and his label-mate, Zion.T, with whom Vince had also previously worked with. In early 2023, he was featured on a project for one of Korea’s most beloved talents, TANAKA, for the single ‘Choose Me (feat. Vince)’.

Vince blends R&B, hip-hop, rock, soul, and pop to create something altogether new. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer pushing the boundaries of music.

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