Korean Mystery Drama “Wonderful World” To Premiere March 1 On Disney+ Hotstar

A revenge-fueled ride from start to finish, this upcoming series stars Kim Namjoo and Cha Eunwoo

When a professor’s son is killed without consequence, she will go to extraordinary lengths to exact her revenge in Wonderful World, a new Korean drama coming March 1 to Disney+ Hotstar.

After a successful career that saw Eun Soohyun climb to the top of her field as a professor of psychology and a household name as a writer, she is brought crashing back to earth following the death of her son at the hands of others. Driven into a spiraling depression, Soohyun becomes consumed by one thought – revenge. 

Starring Kim Namjoo (Misty, Queen of Housewives) as Eun Soohyun, a successful professor suffering from depression following the death of her son; and Cha Eunwoo (True Beauty, A Good Day to be a Dog) as Gwon Seonyul, a medical school dropout who bonds with Soohyun over their similar traumas, Wonderful World is written by Kim Jieun (Lie After Lie, Cheongdam-dong Scandal) and directed by Yi Seungyoung (Tracer, Voice 2).

Wonderful World joins a whole host of award-winning Korean content now available on Disney+ Hotstar, including Moving, about a group of South Korean spies working to protect their super powered children from harm and exploitation at the hands of malicious government agencies; as well as The Worst of Evil – a fast-paced crime thriller that sees volatile police officer Park Junmo infiltrate a dangerous new gang in an attempt to bring them down from the inside; as well as an extensive library of APAC originals and beloved international movies and shows.

Stream Wonderful World from March 1 on Disney+ Hotstar.

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