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[Event Coverage] FT Island Returns To KL With Their Amazing Hey Day Concert

FT Island returned to Malaysia for their Hey Day tour 2024

Malaysian Primadonnas experienced a night of amazing vocals as FT Island returned to KL after over a decade, as part of their ongoing Hey Day tour. Dynamic frontman Lee Hong-gi, bassist Lee Jae-jin and drummer Choi Min-hwan rocked the stage at Zepp KL, with an amazing set that featured new and older hits.

Having debuted in 2007 under FNC Entertainment, the band started off with 5 members and currently has 3, something Hong-gi joked about during the concert. Ex-guitarist Song Seung-hyun left to become an actor and former guitarist and leader Choi Jong-hoon left in 2019 after the Burning Sun sex scandal.

Frontman and singer Lee Hong-gi was full of energy

“A lot of time has passed and a lot of things happened. We are old now… And so are you!” said Hong-gi as he bounced around the stage.

They kicked things off with a rousing performance of Happiness Theory, followed by Falling Star and I Hope. When the band performed crowd favourite Love Sick, the sound of the audience singing filled the hall.

Bassist Lee Jae-jin asked “Rindu tak?” to the screams of Malaysian Primadonnas.

The trio looked happy to be back in Malaysia, with Jae-jin using Bahasa to say he missed everyone, and Hong-gi asking Primadonnas  if they’d like to marry (newly divorced) Min-hwan who is ‘a handsome single guy! Single guy!’

Newly single Choi Min-hwan showed off his drum skills

Hong-gi also asked if he was allowed to shake the fans hands as he was aware it was sensitive, and the answer was a resounding “YESSSSS” as girls stretched out their hands in excitement.

“In today’s concert we will show you all the different music we’ve created from the past 17 years!” said Hong-gi.

Malaysian Primadonnas waved their fan banners to the delight of FT Island

Hong-gi also teased fans about his special lady who he sees and touches every day – his microphone stand – who he called Hongsoonie.

Min-hwan had time to shine with his drum solo, that was followed by Take Me Now, Broken and Time To, before the band burst into ‘Sage’ off their latest album.

FT Island’s performance was amazing, with Hong-gi’s powerful vocals filling the air

“It’s been a long time since we saw you all and it feels like everyone here has grown. We promise to see everyone next year,” said Hong-gi. “As you know we’re in the middle of our Hey Day tour and everyone’s energy tonight is just WOW. I can never quit FT. We will become a great band that represents South Korea.”

Throughout the night Hong-gi raced around the stage, dancing with Jae-jin and taking plenty of videos and selfies with the crowd. At one point someone threw a wedding veil and Hong-gi stopped singing to put it on his head, to the delight of the audience.

Bassist and backing vocalist Lee Jae-jin

“Bring your husbands, bring your boyfriends (to see our show) – I’m not your husband!” yelled Hong-gi, as the crowd laughed.

The crowd’s enthusiasm continued as everyone sang along to Beautiful, before the hype picked up with FT Island.

“This song is so young but I’m so old! I’m 36 now!” said Hong-gi.

“I’m playing golf (in KL) tomorrow!” said Hong-gi, who was full of wit during the concert

After the classic A Man’s First Love Goes to the Grave, Hong-gi remarked that the initial setlist had newer songs, but after listening to feedback from Primadonnas they reworked it to include their older hits, and we are glad they did!

“I’m a little shy, as the lyrics to these songs were written when we were 17/18 and we all become shy when we perform these now, but we won’t be shy the next time we perform. We’ll only show you our cool side OK?!”

FT Island snaps a photo with Malaysian Primadonnas – can you see yourself?

The final song of the night was Primadonna, the band’s ode to their fans who are their heroines.

We cannot wait for FT Island to return again and for Hong-gi to enjoy playing golf in Malaysia!


Full Set list:

Happiness Theory

Falling Star and I Hope

Champagne and Puppy


After Love

Love Sick and Thunder

Not Enough

All of my Life


Drum Solo by Min-hwan

Take Me Now


Time To


Rising Star

I’m Still Here


FT Island

A Man’s First Love Goes to The Grave


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