The Art Of The Coup: How You Can Become The Impossible Heir

Prepare to be entrenched in the high-stakes arena of corporate power where only the most cunning, resilient, and strategic players emerge victorious. 

The Impossible Heir, now streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, revolves around two childhood best friends: Han Taeoh, a highly intellectual strategist, and Kang Inha, the illegitimate son of a Korean conglomerate owner. Together, they hatch a scheme to ascend to the apex of society by orchestrating a takeover of Kangoh Group. Na Hyewon, a determined woman with a relentless drive to achieve her desired lifestyle at any cost, soon joins their ambitious endeavour.

In the cutthroat world of corporate dominance, climbing to the summit and seizing control of an empire requires more than just ambition. Here, we unveil the unconventional tactics that will propel you to the summit of corporate power and secure your reign over an empire, making you The Impossible Heir.

1. Master the art of strategy

In the words of Han Taeoh, “If the process is wrong, it’ll never take you to the right answer”. Intellectually gifted and patient, Taeoh lends his smarts to his longtime friend Kang Inha, hatching a plan to take over Kangoh Group. Despite being a university student, Taeoh’s assignment to create a proposal for Kangoh Group was so impressive that his lecturer offered to buy the idea from him. Unbeknownst to his lecturer, this was all part of Taeoh’s plan to push Chairman Kang’s succession plans into motion.

Upon entering the workforce and joining Kangoh Group, Taeoh wastes no time in climbing the corporate ladder, swiftly establishing himself as a trusted assistant to Chairman Kang. Despite the apparent seamless execution of his plan and the absence of setbacks, Taeoh remains cautious, preventing arrogance from getting the best of him. Instead, he diligently formulates contingency strategies and keenly observes any irregularities within the Kang family’s dealings.

2. Lead with charisma

Charismatic Kang Inha certainly has the gift of the gab. Weave that in with his easygoing charm and magnetic personality, and you’ve got yourself a natural leader. During his schoolboy years, he amassed a loyal group of friends who were more than willing to do as he asked – and even managed to win Taeoh’s friendship, despite them not initially seeing eye-to-eye.

Inha knows how to read the room and manage conflict, which are invaluable skills when it comes to deciding upon the next course of action. While he leaves Taeoh to make strategic moves, there is no doubt that Kang Inha is a force to be reckoned with.

3. Play the long game

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. In their endeavour to gain control of the Kangoh Group, both Taeoh and Inha know that they must bide their time. Every step is meticulously planned, and every detail is carefully thought out. 

Taeoh and Inha painstakingly work on crafting Inha’s image to change his estranged family’s perception of him as the shunned illegitimate son. By gradually curating Inha’s image to reflect someone who is innocent but not naive, who knows their place and will not get greedy, the duo understand that it is only a matter of time before Inha gains the trust and allegiance of certain members of the Kang family. 

4. Seize opportunities

Coming from a troubled family background, Na Hyewon is determined to do whatever it takes to secure a brighter future for herself. Despite seeming interested in Taeoh, Hyewon quickly shifts her focus to Inha upon meeting him once she realises she can leverage his ties to the Kangoh Group – even mentioning to Taeoh that just like him, she would be willing to gamble on Inha being her golden goose.

The ability to identify and seize opportunities as quickly as Hyewon comes in handy when one is in a competitive landscape where timing is everything, and swift action can make all the difference. As she sets her sights on Inha, Hyewon navigates the intricate web of social dynamics with finesse, quickly gaining Inha’s interest shortly after meeting him.

Hyewon’s innate charm and adeptness in handling social interactions gracefully prove invaluable, as demonstrated when she directly addresses her superior, questioning why his apparent dislike of her. Instead of aggravating him further with her straightforward approach, Hyewon skillfully wins him over with her tact and diplomacy. Her ability to deftly manoeuvre through interpersonal relationships has earned her newfound respect and an invitation to an after-work hangout with the rest of their colleagues – allowing her to glean more information to push Taeoh’s plans into motion.

5. Forge strong alliances

The view at the top might be a lonely one, so why not share it with someone you trust implicitly? United by a common vision and their unwavering desire to climb to the top of society, Han Taeoh and Kang Inha demonstrate they can achieve almost anything they set their hearts to with determination, ingenuity, and a shared commitment to their goals.

Despite their initial meeting having resulted in a rather embarrassing cafeteria scuffle, they quickly discover that they share more similarities than differences. From there, they forge a strong friendship, vowing to help each other in their joint quest to take over Kangoh Group.

If you’re looking for more tips from Han Taeoh, Kang Inha and Na Hyewon to navigate your way to the top of the pinnacle of society, stream The Impossible Heir on Disney+ Hotstar now!

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