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[Event Coverage] A Successful First Concert In Malaysia For ONEUS

It was a special day for Malaysian TOMOONs as ONEUS brought their 2024 ONEUS 2ND WORLD TOUR ‘La Dolce Vita’ to Kuala Lumpur, organised by Soul & Joy Entertainment, co-organised by SEAE and Shining Star. Performed at Zepp Kuala Lumpur, it was a night to remember for both ONEUS and the fans.

ONEUS on Fire!

Fans arrived early as they collected fan benefits, meet fellow TOMOONs for the first time, participated in random play dances and coffee sleeve events coordinated by fan clubs. It’s a full day of interactions and bonding between fans.

In the event hall, the Rock Zone area and seated sections were full of TOMOONs don in blue and yellow attires. Some even put on extra effort and wore traditional Malaysian clothes such as baju kurung and baju Melayu, in the spirit of Raya.

Five minutes before the slated starting time, an opening VCR was shown on screen, of stormy weather in the seas. Giving hints of the story of their album ‘La Dolce Vita’, and a fairy tale of mermaid princes – Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Xion, and Hwanwoong.

Starting off with the Latin influenced ‘Baila Conmigo’, and high energy tracks like ‘Erase Me’, ‘Simulation’ and ‘Full Moon’, along with the deafening screams of the fans, ONEUS started the show on a great high.

The fans were also the star of the show, as they sang along to each and every song. Even though it was ONEUS’s first show in Malaysia, the interaction between the artist and fans were nothing like a first meeting.

With performances that showcases k-pop at it’s best, ONEUS included ‘LUNA’ and ‘LIT’ – two performances that put forward the charms of the east, with traditional instruments and modern-day sounds. The group even manage to show off the beauty and delicate moves of the fan dance in the choreography.

Fans were overjoyed when the group, during one of the breaks, mentioned about their recent dance challenge – the Alamak Raya Lagi (original song by Malaysian group De Fam) dance challenge. Hwanwoong, Xion and Keonhee, voluntarily gathered and danced to the addicting song with the crowd providing the lyrics.

The group then had a change of clothing, from light blue ensemble to black suits, with stage lights and  backdrop in red, the group performed upbeat tracks, ‘Come Back Home’, and ‘Twilight,’ before slowing it down with ‘Epilogue’ and ‘Halley’s Comet’.

The group once again disappeared backstage, but appeared soon after dressed in Baju Melayu (Malaysia traditional clothes for male), everyone except for Leedo. ONEUS performed ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Bbusyeo’ seamlessly in the traditonal clothes. It was later revealed that Leedo can’t fit into his top due to being too buff, as the group joked that it’s not easy to be a ‘gym rat’, while the fans giggled.

As the show reached the end, ONEUS gathered for a group photo with TOMOONs, but lights were turned off, and a clip showing snippets of their early days were shown on the screen. The special video made by the fan club includes a compilation of TOMOONs singing along and welcoming them to Malaysia. Everyone in the crowd held up their banners and sang along with ONEUS, and took a memorable photo with the group.

ONEUS with Malaysia To Moons

The surprise event by the fan club teared up Keonhee, as he can’t help but felt overwhelmed by the love and support given by the fans. Fans chanted “울지마” (don’t cry), and Hwanwoong intercepted by saying “We should stop now, as his face (Keonhee) is getting puffier now”.

The encore started as the previously solemn atmosphere turned into a club as ONEUS proceeded with EDM heavy ‘Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot’, before really closing the show with ‘Last Song’.

Truly an unforgettable night for Malaysian TOMOONs as they have been waiting for the opportunity to spend time with their favourites. With ONEUS promising to come again for another concert in Malaysia and a new album releasing soon, the group bid Malaysian To Moons goodbye.

We would like to thank Soul & Joy Entertainment for the invitation.

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