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[Event Coverage] It’s A Party At TREASURE’s Latest Show In Kuala Lumpur

After more than a year since their last visit to Malaysia, TREASURE returns with 2024 TREASURE RELAY TOUR [REBOOT] IN KUALA LUMPUR. Held in Axiata Arena, and organised by iMe Malaysia, the concert was attended by thousands of screaming TEUME who came dressed in a theme of black and red, equipped with their blue lightsticks Teulight.


Half an hour before the concert started, TEUME was already warming up their throats by singing along to TREASURE songs from the video played in the Arena. As proven from previous concerts, Malaysian are truly fantastic at sing alongs and it shows.

Ten minutes later than the slated time, lights were dimmed and fans started screaming. Shortly after, TREASURE showed up on stage, and Hyun Suk saying “Malaysia!” before showing up on stage.

TREASURE consists of 10 members – Hyun Suk, Ji Hoon, Yoshi, Jun Kyu, Jae Hyuk, Asahi, Do Young, Haruto, Jeong Woo, and Jung Hwan, opened the show with “Bona Bona”, “Jikjin”, and “Boy”. TREASURE then surprised fans by performing their latest hit King Kong” before taking a short break to greet the fans.

Not needing any translators, the group greeted the fans with Malay words such as “Apa Khabar”, “Saya rindu kamu” and “Mantap”, in response to the reception from the first performance.

Hyun Suk wanting to include some fan interactions, asked for food recommendation from a fan, unknowingly passing the mic to an International fan. The fan, not wanting to disappoint, answered “chicken” while Malaysian fans around her screamed “Roti Canai”, thus making the recommendation as “Chicken Roti Canai”, eliciting laughters all around.

The second stage continues with fan favourite “Hello” and “Stupid”, before breaking into unit performances. First unit to take the stage, T5 with Move, before Haruto and Asahi takes over with their song, “Thank You”.

Next, the Rap unit took over with G.O.A.T and VolKno before the whole group takes over with the very sexy performance of MMM. At this point, the whole arena were screaming their lungs out.

Time for another costume break for the group, but fans were not left unentertained, time for the band to shine. This tour is supported by a live band and they sounded really good!

When you think that all the unit performances are over, the vocal unit showed up and performed “The Way To”. TREASURE then regroup and performed “Orange” and “Hold It In”.

The performance continued on with “Wonderland”, “B.O.M.B”, “I Want Your Love” and “I Love You”. After the performance ends, TREASURE sadly announced that it was encore time, before going backstage for another costume change.

During the short break, fans started belting out to “Slowmotion” as part of the fan project. The sweet sounds from the fans reverberate throughout the arena and were noticed by the group who thanked the fans for the efforts. The group voiced their gratitude for the love and support from the fans. Ji Hoon mentioned that he still remembers that Malaysian TEUME presented him with a birthday cake during the last concert.

The encore stage started with “Run”, “Going Crazy”, and a rock remix of “Darari”, before continuing with “My Treasure” and “Clap”. The group then bid their goodbyes to the fans, and left the stage except for Hyun Suk who proceeded to orchestrate the fans to scream for a 2nd encore.

Satisfied with the screams for a 2nd encore, TREASURE came back on stage and sang “I Want Your Love” before truly closing the show.

Truly an amazing experience every time fans and the idols become one, as evidence in this concert. Malaysian TEUME truly “Mantap!”.

We would like to thank iMe Malaysia for the invitation.




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