K-popped! has had its finger on the pulse of the Korean Wave in Malaysia since 2007.

Passionate about Korean pop culture, our aim is to not only keep tabs on what’s happening in the Kpop scene in South Korea, but also monitor its far-reaching influence in Malaysia, Southeast Asia and all over the world! The dedicated team called  K-popped! Crew has been tirelessly writing and sharing about all things Korean.

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  • Korean Wave Contest 2010 by KTO
  • Eric Nam Fan Meeting in Malaysia 2014

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  • MTV World Stage (since 2010)
  • Korea Joa 2015 by KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange)

Check out some of the exclusive interview we had:

XIA JUNSUHWANG JUNG EUMTOPP DOGGMONSTA XVIXX | CLC in Sabah | SISTAR | DABIT | Choi SiwonVIXX LRYoo Yoon Seok | SHINee | BOA (Kiss My Lips)  | Royal Pirates in KL | EXO (Exodus) | Royal Pirates in Sabah | Red Velvet (Ice Cream Cake) | JJCC (Fire) | Amber (Beautiful) | MAMAMOO (Pink Funky) | TASTY | Zhang Li Yin | Red Velvet (Be Natural) | Royal Pirates in Bangkok | JJCC | OBROJECT | MAMAMOO (Piano Man) | Chad Future | Eric Nam | NUEST (Re:Birth) | Boys Republic | MBLAQ | BTS | Eric Nam (Ooh Ooh) | LUNAFLY | LC9 (Skirmish) | Eric Nam (Heaven’s Door) | LUNAFLY (How Nice Would It Be) | Jay Park | Dia Frampton | Lee Dong Wook | Kim Sun Ah | Alexander Eusebio

Check out some of the exciting events we covered:

B.A.P Live on EarthLee Sung Kyung for LANEIGEJosh Kua ConcertAOMG in LA | 11’Street 1 Year Anniversary | Lee Minho for KyochonSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge LaunchingThe EXO’luXionThe LEGEND ShowcaseMonsta X & SISTAR Fan MeetingDay6 Fan Meeting | 11’Street Love 11One K ConcertGyeonggi-do Food FestivaliKON Debut ConcertCLC Showcase in KLCLC Showcase in KKHIGH4 ShowcaseGary at MATTA FairCNBLUE The ClassK-pop World Festival | BTS The Red Bullet | Royal Pirates Showcase | F1 After Race Concert | GOT7 Fan Meeting | The EXO’luxion Concert in Seoul | Theater : MISO Baebijangjeon | Taeyang RISE Concert | Party of the Century  | Kyochon Branch Opening | Innisfree Festa 2015 | Let’s Fly with B1A4 | LUNAFLY Thank You Show in Seoul | TOPP DOGG Showcase | dal.komm Coffee Grand Opening | Running Man Race Start Season 2 | F.Y.I on Stage with Eric Nam | Unforgettable Moment with Lee Minho & OSIM uDiva | EVOL Celebration Party | Klang Parade Grand Opening | Boys Republic Autograph Session | MTV World Stage 2014 | ALPHABAT Selamat Hari Raya Showcase | K-Festival 2014 | The BOSS ShowcaseEncorp Strand Mall Grand Opening | ALPHABAT Showcase



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  • Hello! I was wondering if you are looking for any photographers for events?

  • Hello, I was wondering if you’re hiring a media representative for the USA?
    If so, could you please email me back and I’d be more than glad to show you some photos that I took at past concerts and give more information about myself. Thank you!

  • Jihan Rajak


    Hi there! I am Jihan from Maxis Prepaid Engagement Team (Hotlink).

    As you may have heard, Korea’s latest pop rock band, Royal Pirates is coming to Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu this May 2015! Hotlink is running a contest where fans can win a chance to meet Royal Pirates in person and watch them perform LIVE.

    For details of the contest, you may visit hotlink.com.my/royalpirates .

    You may also check out the posts on Hotlink’s Facebook (links below)

    For Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – https://www.facebook.com/hotlink/posts/10155474787400226:0
    For Kuala Lumpur – https://www.facebook.com/hotlink/posts/10155487228850226:0

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  • Caroline,Ch

    Hello, My name is Caroline,Choo I am working at Arirang TV in South Korea.
    I want to share this event to all kpop fans in the world
    “Arirang Harmony Contest”.

    Arirang tv has prepared a contest entitled ” Arirang Harmony”

    show the world your musical talent by performing ” arirang”

    Making a video of yourself performing the song using

    the provided sheet music and send me the video file.

    Application period Now ~ Sep, 22nd

    1st place (one team): iPad Air

    2nd place (two teams): iPad Mini

    Participation Prize (10 teams): K-pop CD with autographs

    (INFINITE, B1A4, Girl’s Day, Hyomin (T-ara), and GOT7)

    If you have any question, please contact me.

    [email protected]

  • hi i’m doing a research on hallyu (aka k-wave) and came across this website. if i’m not wrong, i believe this is the biggest k wave web in Malaysia. may i know how big it is, how many people visit your site per day, etc?

  • Hello,

    I’m Minji Bak. I’m a student of university of Seoul and researching the aspects of Korean culture in Malaysia for my master thesis.
    I’m looking for interviewees interested in Korean culture.
    I”m wondering if you could have some source to get interviewees.
    and if you(founders) have some time to help me, I will be really appreciated of you.
    Thank you so much!

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    • Liz K-popped

      Thank you for your interest, Fiona but we are not recruiting at the moment :).

  • Leong Khong Ming


    My name is Leong. I would like to share a tip with you about getting connected to celebrities.

    Starting today 2 August, fans using LINE messenger can directly receive updates or messages directly from celebrities they love through Official Accounts.

    After the superb popularity obtained in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, finally! The Official Accounts of 8 korean celebrities are open to all Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia fans!

    They are
    1. FTISLAND ( LINE ID: #ftislandasia )
    2. CNBLUE ( LINE ID: #cnblueasia )
    3. 2AM ( LINE ID: #2amasia )
    4. 2PM ( LINE ID: #2pmasia )
    5. ZE:A ( LINE ID: #zeaasia )
    6. Lee Min Ho ( LINE ID: #leeminho )
    7. miss A ( LINE ID: #missa )
    8. Wonder Girls ( LINE ID: #wondergirls )

    One can add celebrities’ accounts to friend list by doing as shown in the picture (http://goo.gl/wsa4i).

    By adding them to friend list, it’s easy to receive updates like pictures, short video clip, voice message, and funny stickers directly from celebrities!

    I hope that this will be a great information to all fans in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia!

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