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PAWN – a family movie with a twist


The movie was set in 1993 Incheon.

Du-seok (Sung Dong Il) and Jong-bae (Kim Hiewon) are tough and rough private loan sharks who chase down a debtor to collect but end up taking Seung-yi (Park Soi), a 9-year-old girl, as a pawn.

Clueless to what a pawn means, Seung-yi was taken away due to her mother’s misfortunes. Du-seok and Jong-bae promise to watch Seung-yi until she gets adopted by a nice, rich family. But when they later realize that something amiss happened with Seung-yi’s adoption, Du-seok and Jong-bae bring her back home.

Although Du-seok and Jong-bae are stuck with a child they didn’t intend to care for, and Seung-yi is left with them as a pawn out of debt, a special bond forms between the three characters.


PAWN draws much attention with the appearance of solid, trusted actors. Actor Sung Dong Il, who is known for his in-depth and fun acting in all his works on the big screen and TV, portrays Du-seok, a loan shark who is tough, but warm-hearted. Known as a father figure in all Reply drama series, viewers will be reminded again why Sung Dong Il is loved by many as a father.


Kim Hiewon, who flawlessly depicts any role as his own, portrays Jong-bae, Du-seok’s caring junior who grumbles but always stays by his side. The two actors’ realistic tit-for-tat yet bonded chemistry is vivid in this movie and adds a bit of a laughter along the way.

In addition, actress Ha Ji Won, who gives off an irreplaceable presence in her every work, adds to the anticipation for the film by portraying the adult Seung-yi, a woman who has grown up well into a treasure. Her great acting collaboration with Sung Dong Il, signaling a realistic father-daughter relationship between the two.

The star of the movie is indeed child actress Park Soi who plays little Seung-yi. Each line uttered by her leaves a lasting emotion in addition to the facial expressions that fit every scene of the movie. Park Soi is a genius actor in the making so we will be looking forward for more of her works in the future.

Don’t forget to watch PAWN – a family movie with a twist that surely will tug your heart.

PAWN will be available on Astro First & unifi TV’s Pay-per-view VOD platform from December 1.

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