Song Hye-kyo & her Hermes Birkin in HK

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Song Hye Kyo shopping at a Laneige outlet in Hong Kong

Song Hye Kyo was in Hong Kong lately and it was reported that she was hounded by the HK paparazzi while she was in town.

Here are pics of Song shopping at a Laneige outlet. I bet it is just for publicity as she is the Laneige spokesperson. She will be getting truck loads of free cosmetics from Laneige, why would she want to shop there?

Song was spotted carrying a black Hermes Birkin. If you don’t know, it is a very expensive bag. Anyway, it is just one of the many designer bags the star owns. She seems to love her designer bags and even collaborated with French luxury brand – the House of Celine once, to create a special Ms Song Bag.

Here are more pics of the gorgeous lady in Hong Kong.

While in Hong Kong, Song Hye Kyo also accepted her role as ambassador for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra Project.

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