Visiting a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul

Many have asked if it is possible to go for a vacation in Seoul, and come back with a new nose. Well, yes, it is possible. Nowadays, there are even tours that are organized where you do a bit of sight-seeing, followed by a visit to a plastic surgeon to get a procedure done before returning to your country of origin – looking better. Meditours! they call it.

While vacationing in Seoul, i had the privilege to visit a plastic surgery clinic at Gangnam-Gu. The resident plastic surgeon Dr Lee Jung Han and his team greeted us with much hospitality and showed us around the double-storey clinic. The clinic is clean, tastefully furnished and had an almost luxurious feel. The good doctor even let us peak into the operating room, take pictures with his staff and answered our burning questions patiently.

A few of my travel buddies got free facials, while i opted for a free consultation with Dr Lee. Thus it was a great opportunity to ask a plastic surgeon questions, which i think you my dear readers would like to know.

Two out of 10 women in Korea has had a nose job

Dr Lee told me that it is very common for women in Korea to go for plastic surgery or beauty treatments which includes botox injections to remove wrinkles or adding lip fillers, for fuller lips. He added that two out of ten Korean women has had a nose job.

Then I proceeded to ask Dr Lee how much it cost for each procedure. I am sure everyone is curious. At first he was reluctant to reveal, but then the friendly doctor provided rough estimates to each procedure, for the benefit of those who are interested.

A consultation with a plastic surgeon would cost USD20. During the meeting you would tell the surgeon what you want to get done, and the surgeon would advice accordingly.

A nose job (rhinoplasty) would set you back USD6,000 – USD15,000 depending on the complexity of the procedure. The procedure takes only 1.5 hours and one week recovery period. Clients usually do not need to stay overnight at the clinic after the procedure. There are comfortable recovery rooms where clients rest for a couple of hours after the procedure before leaving the clinic.

The various types of nose surgery Nu Plastic Surgery clinic offers are as follows:

Augmentation Rhinoplasty
Hump Nose Correction
Deviated Nose Correction
Bulbous Nose Correction
Wide Nose Correction
Short Nose Correction
Long (Hanging) Nose Correction
Alar Correction
Revision Rhinoplasty

I was surprised to learn that a nose job is considered to be a more difficult procedure, compared to double-eyelid surgery.

The most popular type of eye surgery would be the double-eyelid surgery and that costs around USD3,000 – USD4,000. They perform non-incisional double eyelids plasty and incisional double eyelids plasty at Nu Plastic Surgery clinic. Younger clients usually opt for double eyelid surgery while middle aged women go in to remove sagging skin under and above the eyes and puffy bags under the eyes.


The magic wrinkle removing serum – botox

Another popular treatment at the clinic is lip filler injections to add volume to lips. It costs USD1,500 per pop. Botox treatments would cost USD260 at the clinic. Besides cosmetic / plastic surgery, the clinic also offers facial and body care services.

Visit Nu Plastic Surgery’s website for a full range of procedures they offer.

A big thank you to Dr Lee Jung Han and his staff for their hospitality. Some of my travel mates enjoyed free facials and free botox treatment when we were there. Each of us went home with a small gift too.


The friendly staff at Nu Plastic Surgery Clinic, Seoul, South Korea

Sterile and scrubbed operating room, recovery room & reception area


Top:  Me, Jenny Lee from Haamtour (Meditour Travel Agency) and Dr Lee Jung Han
Bottom : Clinic staff Song Bo Yeon and me
Right: Resident plastic surgeon and director, Dr Lee Jung Han


  1. I have upper lip is vey lower so I want upper lip plastice surger can u help me like surgery

  2. I also did plastic surgery in Korea last year, I visited other clinic but the clinic also has advanced tech in eyelids and rhinoplasty. anyway PS tech of Korea is really advanced than other countries with reasonable price

  3. hi im farhad hossain and writing to you from Malaysia.
    i would like to do my facial plastic surgery treatment under your clinic.
    would you please kindly informed me all the necessary requirement details.
    I would like to come immediately in Seoul Korea for this purpose.
    currently im having my study vacation. if you confirmed all the details then immediately i will proceed to come Korea.

    waiting to having your well suggestion
    with regards & thanks

  4. Does the surgeon know some English? I am studying Korean, but I won’t be that advanced.

  5. People! please!! mind your own business! let they do what they want. We only live once and if you want to do something that can make you happy then go for it. Its not just about a new noise , new eyes.. its all about happiness. Why do you go to the Church or temple or discotheque or wearing lipstick?
    I like to have sex all night long in every weekend: that is my” plastic surgery” . Am I a bad guy or fake person?

  6. It really helped. . .my greatest insecurity is my nose and having read your blog i’m so thankful 🙂 if you don’t mind, is this the only clinic that treats you with great hospitality? thanks 🙂

    • Hello Merielle,

      I am sure other clinics are as hospitable. It’s just that we only visited this one during the trip 🙂 Guess you will have to find out and let us know 😛


    because my right jaw is a little bit bigger than the other one

  8. I visiting korea in 23 oct .how much it cost in usd for removing pimples scar from my face?

    Yap from malaysia

  9. Koreans have the highest population of small slanted slit eyes with no eyelid creases, big facial bones making their faces unbalance. Nowadays in SOuth korea 9 out of 10 korean teens to 60 year old grandma had some form of plastic surgery. The younger koreans are getting a new non korean face. Koreans cannot fake their real ethnic look cuz the world knows that koreans have very high population with very mongoloid features that make them harsh looking. What about when koreans have kids? Plastic surgery cannot hide their true korean facial features.

    • Exactly. If you look at pictures of people in North Korea (especially women), where plastic surgery is non-existent (as long as I know), the features are so different from the South Koreans, even though they have the same ethnicity (over half a century apart can’t change their genes THAT much).
      It’s kind of a shock, and it finally hits you that plastic surgery is even a bigger issue over there than you might possibly picture it as.

  10. I love myself and I love God for creating me. If i have my parts of body changed, I’m afraid, no one in heaven may recognize me when I die! Haha!

  11. Lucky i’m naturally pretty ._.
    I don’t have to spend a lot of money on surgery

  12. This is really tremendous post. South Korie is a great country for medical health. I would really happy because plastic surgery gives us perfect face shape and really good for getting fairness. Seoul is a huge city and there are many luxurious hospital which provide convenient facilities.    

    • Where can I get the plastic surgery on my nose and eyelids? Please reply me!

  13. wha wha whaaa! 2 out of every ten wemon in Korea have a nose job! who would want to get there nose changed? I mean I love my nose.

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