‘Speed Racer’ week on Entertainment Tonight

Thanks to K-popped! readers residing in US who actively comment on this blog, we got word that Entertainment Tonight (ET) featured ‘Speed Racer‘ this week!


Racer (Emile Hirsch on far left) is protected by
Racer X (Matthew Fox) as he squares off against
competing racer
Taejo Togokhan, played by Asia’s A-lister
and hot Korean superstar Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)


Rain fans are all hyped up about the Energizer Bunny‘s debut in a Hollywood movie. Although he does not play the hero and might only make short appearances in the movie, that does not stop us from getting all excited!

Rain appearing in a Wachowski Brothers‘ movie? The same people who brought us Matrix!?! I bet Bi is excited too!

Speed Racer is based on the 60’s cartoon series and is a story about a family that works out its issues on the racetrack. In the movie, you get to witness “car fu” – a term coined from the movie which sort of means “kung fu with cars“.

Producer Joel Silver brings the iconic cartoon to the big screen.


Feast for the eyes – Andy and Larry Wachowski
merges high tech and high art in the movie



Speed (Emile Hirsch) behind the wheel of his Mach 5.
Nearly all of the film was shot in front of a green screen,

with effects added later.

Pics credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Source: First look: ‘Speed Racer’ wheels into live action (USA Today)

ET Videos:

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Speed Racer First Look (Berlin interview with cast)

Speed Racer in Malaysia cinemas on May 8
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