Ryu-jin in General Hospital 2

Dr! Dr!: Ryu-jin (36) dons the white coat and stethoscope
in the medical drama General Hospital 2.

It’s a medical drama on MBC, folks, so this means we Malaysians won’t be getting it on the telly.

Ryu-jin (Really, Really Like You) plays Baek Hyun-woo, a first-year resident in General Hospital 2.

He is joined by talents Kim Jung-eun (portraying Jung Ha-yoon) and Cha Tae-hyun (playing Choi Jin-sang).

Heartless?: Is Baek Hyun-woo a doctor who needs to
improve on his bedside manner?

Baek Hyun-woo is a doctor who seems to lack compassion, but he gradually warms up to Ha-yoon, a law school graduate with an ulterior motive.

General Hospital 2 has been airing in South Korea since Nov 19.

Source: Korea Times

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