Rain re-records Rainism

Rain has high expectations to live up to

Rain has decided to re-recorded the title track from his 5th album Rainism. Under the influence of the Commission on Youth Protection, Rain changed the lyrics of his song and recorded a new version. Earlier, the song Rainism was criticized for having sexually explicit lyrics.

Rain’s management company, J Tune Entertainment released a statement on the 24th November that the singer has decided to make amendments to the song. They also told the public which part has been changed.

떨리는 니 몸 안에 돌고 있는
나의 매직 스틱

더 이상 넘어갈 수 없는

한곌 느낀 Body shake

changed to:

심장을 파고드는 리듬 느껴봐
Now feel my soul

너와 나 하나되어 외치는
나만의 레이니즘

Rain re-recorded the song on the 23rd November because the Commission of Youth Protection was going to propose a protest with regards to the lyrics. This second version of Rainism (레이니즘) will be available at online music sites from now on. Also, in future broadcast and public performance, you will be seeing Rain performing this new version instead. The 5th album CD that carries the original version will have a “not to be sold to those under 19-years of age” sticker affixed to it.

Complaining about the lyrics is one thing, but i think forcing Rain to change it and these actions are too much. I didn’t think it would come to this, but like i said earlier, Rain is a house-hold name in South Korea. He is a role model to the youth there and his decision to revise the lyrics without taking this to court is commendable.


Source: StarNews, Yahoo! Korea

Pic credit: Screenshot from Loveletter KBS 2TV

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