Missha’s M Perfect Cover BB Cream

It’s May – springtime.

One Saturday morning, while nibbling on her fresh salad, Orchid reminds me to write about fashion and all-things girly since you know, “Girls wanna doll themselves up and such during spring.”

I nod in understanding as I wolf down my sinful plate of nasi lemak sotong (rice cooked in coconut cream with spicy cuttlefish chilli on the side).

And so, here is my contribution to spring time beauty. It is on a product that is on every Korean woman’s (and most men’s too) vanity table – the BB Cream.

On September 17 last year, I wrote about Skin Food’s Aloe Sun BB Cream. That was the first ever BB Cream I’d purchased and thought it was great. Now, I beg to differ as I’ve been using another brand’s BB Cream since Nov 2008.

Best seller: Missha’s hottest selling item

Meet Missha’s M Perfect Cover BB Cream (MPCBBC) a.k.a 미샤 M 퍼펙트 커버 비비 크림. I got mine while in Seoul last year. The Missha beauty store at the corner of the street we frequented had a one-day only 20% sale so we took the opportunity to stock up on some beauty products.

The 50ml tube of MPCBBC only cost us 12,640 won (RM36) after the discount. We later discovered that a smaller tube of the same product cost about RM50 something here in Malaysia. Phew, expensivo.

The fair and lovely Korean salesgirl recommended the MPCBBC, saying it was the brand’s best selling item. After perusing my darker complexion (in comparison to her snow-white skin) she advised me to get No. 23 (Natural Beige).

I like it. The MPCBBC glides on more smoothly and evenly than Skin Food’s BB Cream, thanks to its less creamy texture. Coverage-wise, it does a good job, but like with the other BB Cream, it doesn’t control the shine on my face.

Due to my overactive oil glands, I still need to dust on loose powder after slapping on the BB Cream. It gives me a matte finish as well as causes the BB cream effect to last longer (never throughout the day for me, but longer).

The product smells good and it comes with SPF42 PA+++ (we don’t need to slap on sunscreen underneath with this heavy coverage, right? Otherwise my face would resemble a wok after a stir-fry). Apart from that, the BB Cream doesn’t clog the pores that much.

The MPCBBC also claims to prevent “skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties”. I’m not too sure about that one as I’ve not seen any improvement in that area :-P.

Have you any stories to tell about Missha’s MPCBBC? Do tell us about it.

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Skin Food’s Aloe Sun BB Cream


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