ToppKlass entertained by Topp Dogg!

T.O double P! D.O double G! A chant that kept on playing on my mind! Stardom Entertainment’s boy group Topp Dogg was in Malaysia and shooked Topp Klass‘s hearts!

TOPP DOGG 1ST Showcase in Malaysia

Topp Dogg came, conquered and left Malaysian Topp Klass satisfied with their powerful dance moves and perfect harmony. The show started with Say It and the boys popularity was obviously shown with the screams that can be heard in the hall.

In between songs, the group played some games with the fans. First game was the Cham Cham Cham game where the loser gets hit with a plastic hammer. It was a fun game where the first round was won by a fan whereby the next was won by Topp Dogg. Being the gentleman that they are, they merely touch the fans head with the hammer, instead of hitting them with it, 😛

TOPP DOGG 1ST Showcase in Malaysia 2

Next game sees Topp Dogg’s main dancer Jenissi teaching 3 fans their dance from their song Topp Dogg. The fan who can follow the choreography gets to get a wish fulfilled. Simple? There’s a twist as the winner has a heart of gold, she chose a friend to receive the wish. The wish is for her friend to get a hug from her favourite member of Topp Dogg.. Can we say Awww….

In between songs, fans were also entertained with short video clips of the boys in their dorm. In the video, the boys took turn waking up each members from their slumber by many different ways – playing the Cham Cham game, tickling, and even splashing water on their faces. All in all, the short break was filled with laughter as the fans watched the boys being themselves.

TOPP DOGG 1ST Showcase in Malaysia 3

The show continued on with Open the Door, I Know, Arario, Topp Dogg, Peekaboo and Annie. During Kidoh’s solo stage, he was surprised when the members of Topp Dogg and two fans came up on stage with a birthday cake and presents for an early birthday celebration. His birthday is on December 16. The lucky fans on stage even receive a hug from Kidoh as appreciation.

Topp Dogg closed the show with Why Am I Like This before proceeding with the fan sign where fans get to have an individual time with the members. The members gave each fan a moment to be remember.. until their next visit to Malaysia. Hope its soon!

A big thank you to Jazzy Group for the invitation!

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