‘VAV Photo Diary’ – A new and unique pre-promotion is set for VAV comeback!

Right after the VAV webtoon <LOST IN MEMORIES>, the ‘VAV Photo Diary’ which give more insights of VAV 2nd album will be release accordingly for the pre-promotion of the new album.

“VAV Photo Diary”, a new teasing way like a diary to record and show the process of VAV album preparations in texts and photos. Specially for fans that have been waiting VAV for long time, the ‘VAV Photo Diary’ will give a hint of concepts, choreography, styling and also other spoiling contents before the album released .

The first episode of the ‘Photo Diary’ will be the process of VAV recording. And after that the process of the 2nd album preparations including concepts meeting, styling, costume and etc which give insights of the album will be released accordingly.

The first episode “Recording’’ will show the members concentration and passion for music than they’ve ever been during their recording. VAV members also select photos by themselves and take part in the storytelling for the ‘VAV Photo Diary’. Through the handwriting directly by the members, the comeback story will become more lively and attractively in the photo diary.

‘VAV Photo Diary’ will be released everyday starting from 11 April, at 10PM with the new hints at VAV’s comeback that have not been revealed yet. Expectations are being placed on VAV’s 2nd album through storytelling that present different VAV in the new pre-promotion way.

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