6 Things That Make Seoul One of Most Convenient Cities in the World

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is world’s one of the most convenient cities for travelers. Regardless of whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or in a group, you will find traveling in Seoul very easy and convenient.

1. Keep the tip in your pocket!

Tip (1)

Don’t worry about tipping in Korea! Not only such kind of culture is not customary, but also there is hardly any place you have to tip in this country. Even in high-end restaurants, beauty salons and hotels in the capital city, Seoul, you do not have to leave a tip. The staff do not complain or get upset if you don’t give them some tips.

2. Don’t need to be a math genius to calculate tax!

When you buy something in Seoul, you don’t need to calculate value-added tax (VAT) or sales tax on every item. The VAT across the country is the same, which is 10%, and this is already included in the total amount of price.

3. Generous serving of free side dishes will enrapture you!

Free Side Dishes (2)

Most of the local restaurants in Korea serve free side dishes even if you order only one main dish. Having many side dishes, or ‘banchan’, is a unique part of the Korean culture. Water is also free in every restaurant.

4. You are not Cinderella, so stay up all night!

Late-night (3)

If you are a night owl, then Seoul is the perfect late-night city for you to enjoy your nightlife. Many of the convenience stores and cafes are open 24/7 and the streets are bright and busy until late night.

So go and hit the night clubs or watch movies at late-night cinemas in Seoul. Or try a visit to Dongdaemun Night Market which becomes even more vibrant at night than during the day time.

5. The Internet flies like an arrow!

Internet (4)

Boasting the fastest internet speed in the world, at 29.0 mega-bytes per second (Mbps), you will be amazed by its high-speed internet connection in Seoul. Moreover, many cafes and restaurants in the city provides free Wi-Fi to their customers. If you need to access to internet, just go and grab a cup of coffee at a cafe.

6. Seoul’s subway will be your magic carpet!

Subway (5)

Widely praised for remarkable public transportation system, subway, buses and trains in Seoul are fast, readily available and punctual. Seoul has the most highly developed and extensive subway network among other major cities in Korea. Also, many of the major tourist attractions and destinations are easily accessible by subway.

If you are done reading, check out this video, “8 Hot Keywords about South Korea” below that covers everything about this wonderful country!

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