A Fiery Good Time At Minnesota’s Midwest K-pop Festival


This year’s 3rd Annual Midwest K-pop Festival was held on September 17 in the Northrop Auditorium in Minnesota, bringing in lots of fans from the Midwest states, all the way down to Oklahoma. We at K-popped! got the chance to partake in one of the biggest festivals here in the Midwest this year, so let us tell you all about it here!

From the moment we entered the building, the experience was like KCON all over again, with booths to get your favorite K-POP merchandise, free bubble tea samples, and the long queue to enter (everyone usually comes early)!


Long single lines can be seen lining up for the respective booths and check-ins for tickets and goodie bags, a good two hours before the event officially started. Everyone was definitely representing K-pop and their ultimate groups with clothes, hats, backpacks and all sorts of amazing accessories on them. The doors officially opened up at 4pm and the fans poured in!






From popular groups like IOI, TWICE, BTS, EXO, Seventeen, and more K-pop idol groups, booths of merchandise were placed around the venue for fans with so many items to choose from such as pillows, albums, posters, keychains, fans, stickers, buttons, and so much more!


This year’s Midwest K-pop Festival finally began at 6PM with an Opening Act; Intro Video (O!RUL8 2?) + “Silver Spoon” by BTS and 2nd Opening Act; “Save Me” by BTS performed by MKDC. Along with two great Mc’s, Denny and Ashley, who led everyone through the night with games like “Hum That Tune” & “Guess the Song” fans got to go up the stage and interact with the audience.

Songs like Infinite’s “Chaser”, Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”, Oh My Girls’ “Liar Liar”, and many other old and new songs were heard, bringing back some great memories from 2008-2016.


The K-pop Contest brought in 9 amazing and talented groups this year from their hometowns of Minnesota to Wisconsin. This year’s contestants were, “Shero”, “PiXiE”, “21o4”, “2AO6”, “ENTRAX”, “KASPer X Dancas X Haicha”, “f4”, “Zephoria” and “5A”. With the contest going through the night, popular songs like “Whistle” by Blackpink, “Monster” by EXO, and a few BTS tracks were performed by many of the dance crews.


MKDC also came out to bring us back in time with a Shinee medley and AOA medley from debut to current singles, making fans jump out of their seats and cheer along loudly, singing to every song and giving lots of love to every performer, from MKDC and also the contestants.


After all the performances, the judges were asked to vote for their favourites and 3 final winners were chosen. Taking 3rd place was the chic and wild girl group “Zephoria” while 2nd place was the hip hop and feel girl group “PiXiE”. Last but not least, the winner of this year’s MKF was the Co-Ed group “KASPer X Dancas X Haicha” from Wisconsin with their mesmerizing dancers! Congratulations to the winners and to all contestants that come out that night to perform on stage!


With the announcement of the winners, MKDC came out to do a closing performance with one of the hottest songs of the year, “Fire” by BTS. As soon as the song started, a scene of blazing fire was shown on the big projector screen and everyone stood up and fully released their inner K-pop fan with the dancers to end this year’s jam-packed and definitely one of the biggest and greatest Midwest K-pop Festival ever!


Here are a few fancams from tonights performances.

MKF Contestant Performance”PiXiE”


MKF Contestant Performance “KASPer X Dancas X Haicha”


Please also visit our You Tube Channel for more fancams of from MKF!

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