14 Entertainment Ideas to Get You into the Holiday Spirit


There’s really only two options available during the Christmas season – you can try to hide away from everything Christmassy and adopt a bah humbug approach or you can embrace the Christmas spirit and have a little fun with it all.

If you want to feel Christmassy but struggle to summon up that festive holiday spirit, then why not try a few of these entertaining ideas to help you along the way – you’ll be singing along to Christmas carols in no time.

1. Homemade Decorations

Embrace your creative side and make some handmade decorations.  There’s lots of options; you could follow an online ‘how-to’ guide and make some new decorations to hang on the tree or have a look through Pinterest for inspiring table displays.  Another fun craft idea is making your own wreath to hang on the front door – if you live in the countryside you could try to find the items you need and if not, most good craft shops or florists offer a good selection.

2. Christmas Market

An almost fail-safe way to enter into the holiday spirit is to visit your local Christmas market for lots of festive fun.  There’s usually a range of activities on offer from listening to a choir to sipping mulled wine and browsing the local artisanal products available.  If you’ve got children to entertain, take them to see Santa and pet the reindeer.

3. Host a Party

Host a Christmas party for your friends or family because spending time with the people you love is definitely the most important part of Christmas.  Why not hold a competition such as worst Christmas jumper or best gingerbread house? There are always a few competitive people in a group or the natural entertainers who are more than happy to embarrass themselves to get a laugh.

4. Get Cosy

Make some mulled wine and mince pies and snuggle up under a blanket with some classic feel-good Christmas films at the ready.

5. Ice Skating

Most cities have a temporary ice rink at Christmas which is great fun whatever your age.  They usually have Christmas songs blasting out the speakers and a snow machine if you’re lucky.  Go with people who aren’t worried about being the best skater on the rink or with your partner for a romantic date night.

6. Online Games

If the weather’s truly frightful then why not stay in and do something delightful.  There’s a whole host of online Christmas games available now such as Christmas versions of popular arcade games or Christmas bingo on sites like Sun Bingo and you can play some of them with your friends online if you’re feeling really competitive.

7. Fancy Dress

Part of the fun of fancy dress is making the outfit in the first place, the more unique the better.  Fancy dress is always funnier when you’re out in public so get your friends to dress up as Christmassy as possible and go out somewhere fun.

8. Help Someone in Need

It’s the season of giving and there’s no better feeling than that of helping someone who really needs it.  There are charities which feed the homeless or provide entertainment for the elderly at Christmas and are always grateful of volunteers to help out.  Or you could make a gift box and take it to a charity that sends them to children in poor countries – it’s nice to know you’ve put a smile on someone’s face at Christmas.

9. Start Baking

Find a Christmas recipe you’d really like to try and spend the day in the kitchen with some Christmas songs playing.  Involve the family by trying to recreate Grandma’s Christmas pudding recipe or make it together.

10. Cocktail Party

Why not host a Christmas cocktail party and try your hand at a bit of fancy bar-trickery – it’s easy to find new seasonal cocktails and tips online.   It’s a great way to use up any spirits you’ve got in the cupboard gathering dust and you can ask your guests to each bring the ingredients you haven’t got.

11. Carol Singing

If you think you’re quite a good singer, why not join a local choir as they sing the Christmas carols in church or at local events.  It’s a great way to socialise during the holiday season and meet new people.

12. School Nativity

If there are children in your family, then find out if they’re taking part in a school nativity play and get tickets to watch it.  It’s guaranteed family entertainment and you can tell them how proud you are after.

13. Brewing Time

Go on a brewery tour and sample their seasonal winter beers or enrol on a sloe gin workshop and take home a bottle as a present for someone.

14. Winter Walk

Go for a walk in the countryside or a park after it’s been snowing or if there’s been a frost and it will feel like you’re living inside a winter wonderland.

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