Park Bo Gum’s stole thousand of hearts during recent KL fanmeeting

Park Bo Gum Asia Tour was officially launched last Saturday, and Malaysia was lucky enough to be the first stop! The 3 hour fan meeting was attended by thousands of fans on 10th of December 2016 at Plenary Hall, KLCC.

Here some of the highlights of the event :

1. HeĀ is a talented artist


He is a good actor who can sing and dance. But on top of that, he can also play the piano! He performed ‘A Little Girl’ accompanied by the piano. During the fan meeting, a fan requested him to sing ‘December 24th’, and he happily agreed, even prompting to play the piano as well. Oh! Did we mentioned he can cook too? šŸ˜€




Did not fall for his charms yet? You should watch him dancing to ‘BOMBASTIC’! Or maybe shaking his body to remove the pingpong balls out from the container! ‘BOMBASTIC’s addictive dance routine made the crowd so hyped up and even joined in the dance. Bo Gum said he can’t remember the steps well since it was quite a while… well, it doesn’t seem so because his body still remembers it well!


3. HeĀ can sing!


There are a lot of singer turned actor but not all actors can sing. Park Bo Gum is exceptional! Park Bo Gum is known to have a singing talent, where he sang a few songs in his previous drama. His soundtrack called ‘My Dearest’ from the drama Love in The Moonlight was a hit after its released. During the fan meeting, Bo Gum sang three songs; ‘A Little Girl’ (Reply 1988’s OST), ‘Violet Fragrance’ and ‘My Dearest’.

And his voice is to die for! We are not the only one who think so! There was one time we overheard the conversation between fanboys where they all agreed that Park Bo Gum has a nice voice that they would love to have.


4. HeĀ eats so well!


Park Bo Gum was skinny in person that you probably want to feed him more. Don’t worry, he ate a lot. Like A LOT!!! During the press conference held the day before the fan meeting, Park Bo Gum told the media that he likes to eat and he is looking forward to Malaysian cuisine, especially satay. During a session called ‘Happy Dinner’, Park Bo Gum was served with few Malaysian dishes such as Satay, Nasi Lemak and Cendol. He finished half of the nasi lemak and all the satay at one go.


5. His fan service is on another level


During the fan meeting, he supposedly needed to play 3 games only to get a BINGO, but he said he don’t mind to play more for his fans. He even agreed to wear Baju Melayu (traditional outfit) and ridiculuosly looked good. There was a time he talked about T shape, and fans spontaneously asked him to dance to ‘TT’ (hit song by TWICE), and he cutely agreed and danced earning loud cheers from the crowd.


6. His sensitivity and sincerity melts the hearts


Park Bo Gum was praised by a lot of people because of his humble and down to earth personality. You can feel his sincerity in whatever he does. For example during the goodbye session, he stood for over an hour to say goodbye to each and every fan. He even took time to reply everyone’s kind words to him.

He also wrote an heartfelt letter to his fans. Aww..

The rough translations of his letter is :

Hello, this is Park Bo Gum! I don’t know why I’m having an awkward moment when IĀ hold my pen to write this letter to all of you. When I first heard the news that I’m going to launch Asia Fan Meeting tour… ME? I’m the one who’s going to do it? Do people know about me? So, I worried a lot about it. As I heard the first news that is going to be here in Malaysia,Ā a country that I have never promoted not even once, and this is whereĀ 4,000 people can be held in one place, how quivering I was.

Aside from the hot weather and the late arrival that I made in Malaysia, I was very thankful to see everyone waiting and welcoming me at the airport. But from the other side of my heart, I was also feeling so sorry. Because you are all precious and valuable children to your family, and you should cherish yourself.Ā Its already late and I was concerned, what if your family worried about you because of your absence, and whether there would be transportation for you to go home this late at night. While I am still thankful to those who waited to see me at the airport, but if my arrival time is too early in the morning or late at night, please send me only in your hearts. Because youā€™re all precious~

Through this, I would like to express my gratitudeĀ to all my fans in Malaysia. This is the place that I have never been but I still thankful for your love and support. Today,Ā December 10, 2016 is an unforgettable and precious memory for me and I hope you don’t forget it too. I truly wish that you will be blessed in your lives. – 2016.12.10 Park Bo Gum


Congratulations to IME Asia for another successful event! Credits to the emcee, Owen Yap for conducting the event smoothly.

Park BoGum Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur is organized by SocialUp joint by IME Asia, presented by Samsung, sponsored by Nescafe, L’oreal and Maybelline.