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[Event Coverage] Good boy KIM SEONHO thanks fans at [One, Two, Three. SMILE] Asia Tour in KL’s Press Conference

Ahead of his first ever visit to Malaysia, South Korean actor Kim Seonho sat down with members of the media for a press conference of his <One, Two, Three. SMILE> Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur. It was a brief but quite intimate session with the actor well known for his character Hong Du Sik a.k.a Hong Banjang in the famous drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”.

Kim Seonho made his acting debut on the big screen with the 2023 movie “The Childe” which has seen a tremendous success in Malaysia – being in the top 10 list. When asked which scene in the movie that he remembers the most, Kim Seonho replied that the last scene of the movie is probably the most memorable one to him.

The next movie that Kim Seonho would be promoting is “The Tyrant“, directed and produced by Park Hoon Jung of “The Childe” and “The New World”. In this movie, Kim Seonho would be portraying a high ranking director which happens to be one of the characters he wanted to try in his acting career.

As the questions moved to more intimate ones, Kim Seonho shared that whenever he has the time, he would take a walk as the exercise is the best way relax his body and mind. He also recommends everyone to make walking as their habit since it is a good way to take a break from a hectic life. Also, aside from going to the gym and do weight training, Kim Seonho mentioned that he tries to read more as reading  would help him as an actor to memorize the scripts better.

At the press conference Kim Seonho also shares his gratitude to his fans the Seonhohadas (the fandom name). Seeing the fans’ smiling faces and receiving all their unwavering support really encourage him to do better in everything that he does. Before he ends the press conference, Kim Seonho hopes that the fans will enjoy the fan meeting and he would do his best at the event too.

K-popped! would like to thank Pulp Live World for the invitation to the press conference.

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