BTS Spring Days and the Sewol-Ho Tragedy. A pure Magical Coincidence.


16th of April 2014 a date that no one from South Korea can ever forget. The 6825-ton Sewol ferry carrying 476 people on board sank in southwestern island of Jindo coast killed 304 people. Out of all those killed, there were 250 teenagers from Dawon High School in Ansan who were in their school trip to Jeju.

The tragedy happened when the Sewol which overloaded with more than 3600 tons of cargo took a sharp turn and capsized. And it gets worse once the tragedy refused to be revealed for many political reasons.


The raised Sewol-Ho. picture by YONHAP.

Me, as one of the non-Korean citizen who have been following the news on the tragedy was feeling so grateful that  after nearly 3 years waiting, the vessel has finally raised up by the Korea Government in 23rd March 2017. But at the same time I got great chills from the fact it happened after BTS released their “Spring Day” song.


As a fan of BTS, it was actually fun to see the theories and facts the fans came out with when they watch the music video that BTS released. I admit that many BTS MVs contains hidden meaning and stories that fans need to crack the codes given. Even me, myself love to watch Korean youtubers react to the MV/songs to get to know what are their opinions on the songs and MV according to their Korean ideologies. But the fact that we get from “Spring Day” gives me goosebumps when I learned that South Korea government has lifted the Sewol early spring this year.

The first time listening to the song, generally we get to see the message that BTS would like to convey in “Spring Day” is the feeling of longing to someone, a friend that they had lost. Many fans were saying the MV was actually referred to a novel name ‘The One Who Walk Away From Omelas’ also a movie “Snowpiercer”. And some said it related to Sewol story itself. We don’t have any right or great abilities to write a legendary theories to show you as there are many fans already did it. You can refer to the best 2 i have encountered .

Not just the MV, even the lyric itself makes me think that part  of the song are actually relate to the tragedy. On the 2nd part in Rap Monster’s rap, it says ‘It’s only winter here’ while in literature winter symbolizes death, old age, pain, loneliness and despair. The phrase  “Even in August, it’s winter here” could bring the meaning that their loneliness and despair continues despite of whatever season they are living in at the moment.


It’s only winter here

Even in August, winter is here


And then from the monologue question asked in the chorus part, asking how much longer do they have to wait till they can meet again and then the statement followed after “Until the spring days comes again stay there a lil longer”. This part really got me at first as the tragedy happened during the Spring in 2014 and we assumed at 1st that maybe the “stay there a little longer” verse were referred to how they are counting the days to meet the sinking Sewol-Ho anniversary day.


How much more do I have to wait?

How many more nights do I have to stay up?

Until I can see you? (until I can see you?)

Until I can meet you? (until I can meet you?)

Past the end of this cold winter

Until the spring comes again

Until the flowers bloom again

Stay there a little longer

Stay there


But the songs gets me more when the ending part coming up as the lyric was saying there are no darkness and season that can last forever. The winter (despair) will come to an end and the cherry blossom will bloom (spring is coming = happiness). And then comes the next phrases asking for the one they missed to wait for them for few more nights, they will come to meet them. Upon learning the lyric’s meaning. I really can’t stop myself to relate the the story in the Spring day with Sewol Tragedy.


You know it all

You’re my best friend

The morning will come again

Because no darkness,

No season

Can last forever

Cherry blossoms are blooming

The winter is ending

I miss you (I miss you)

I miss you (I miss you)

If you wait a little more

If you stay up a few more nights

I’ll come see you (I’ll come see you)

I’ll come pick you up (I’ll come pick you up).


But the fact that South Korea Government finally raised up Sewol-Ho from the ocean last March was a mindblowing occurrence. It seems like the words in the lyric came out be a reality. Which the “I’ll come to pick you up” verse was magically happened.

BTS released the song back in 13th of February and of course we know the song was made way back then before it gets released. While the work on emerging the Sewol-Ho from the water starts on late March. Without knowing the fact that the vessel will be lifted up from the 40 meter deep water, I think BTS produced the song with the hope that one day the decease can come back to meet their family (been lift up to the surface).

There are no confirmation from BTS themselves on saying that “Spring Day” was actually about the Sewol-Ho tragedy as BTS wished to leave the interpretation of the songs and MV to the viewers as they mentioned during their Wings Tour in Seoul Press conference. But getting to know the fact that BTS and the company has made a huge donation to the families of the victims shows their awareness on the tragedy and sense of responsibility as a citizen of the country.

It might not be true or it might be a magical coincidence. We still don’t know the truth behind it. But nevertheless, we enjoy the song and glad that finally the Sewol-Ho victim souls get to go back to their families. We hope that the salvage workers will find the last 9 missing victims and bring them back to their beloved ones. Our deepest condolence to the families and friends. May the soul rest in peace.

Special thanks to [email protected] for sharing some of great facts with us for the articles.


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