Idols with the same name

While it was hard enough to remember members name in one group, sharing the same name can lead to more confusion. Some celebrities debuted with stage name, but fans tend to called their own name, making it more confusing for non-fans.

Here are some list of idols that are sharing the same name. But we are wondering, if we called this one name, who come FIRST to your mind. Let us know your thought.

1) Minhyuk. BTOB’s Minhyuk and CNBLUE’s Minhyuk might me the famous idols with Minhyuk name. But do you know there is also Minhyuk in MONSTA-X, A-PRINCE and BLOCK B? Yes, one of the BLOCK B’s member is Lee Minhyuk. Fortunately he debuted as B-bomb, making it less confusion for Minhyuk kind.

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2) JongHyun. There are so many JongHyun′s in the entertainment world but CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and SHINEE’s Jonghyun is known to be best friend. There is also JongHyun in Teen Top and NU’EST but they chose stage name to debut. Not to forget the handsome model, Hong Jonghyun.

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3) Minwoo. One of the common name in Korea is Minwoo.

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4) Jimin. My ‘Jimin’ is probably not your ‘Jimin’.  I remember there was one time I was talking about BTS Jimin, and my friend was imagining AOA Jimin all the time. And here come another friend asking, are you talking about 15& Jimin? Lol

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