With 42 Million Tweets, #2017MAMA Breaks Another Record

With the theme of celebrating the “coexistence” of various regions, cultures, and music, Asia’s greatest global music awards 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (#2017MAMA) completed its spectacular events in Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Twitter delivered a fresh look at the 2017 MAMA this year again through its livestream service. K-Pop fans across the globe responded with more than 42 million Tweets, breaking the record of 22 million Tweets from the previous year’s 2016 MAMA, and making a mark in Twitter history.

Since December 1, conversations about the 2017 MAMA took place on Twitter. The official hashtags #2017MAMA and #MAMARedcarpet topped the list of trending tweets in Korea and abroad, further fueling the intense energy of K-Pop this season.

Many keywords related 2017 MAMA were trending globally, demonstrating the power of Twitter as the channel of communication and exchange for K-Pop fans across the globe.

This year also marked the first time that the MAMA red carpet event was live-streamed on a special Twitter live page, live.twitter.com/2017MAMA. Fans across the world voted for their famous star to win the Best Asian Style Awards, which recognized the best dressed artist on the red carpet. Fans voted by Tweeting the name of their pick with the hashtag #MAMARedcarpet, and the Tweets were tallied to select a winner.

The honor of the Best Asian Style Awards went to EXO CBX (@weareoneEXO) during the vote in Japan and to BTS (@BTS_twt) in Hong Kong. The hashtag #MAMARedcarpet was Tweeted more than 22 million times during the voting period, placing the hashtag and keyword related to the Best Asian Style on the list of worldwide trending Tweets.

Also this year, Twitter used its live-streaming application Periscope to broadcast the situation in the Twitter #BlueRoom on the backstage of 2017 MAMA. In the Blue Room, the artists had the chance to finish saying what they wanted to deliver to the fans. In addition to the Blue Room on the backstage, there was another Twitter Booth where the fans could visit to take photos and videos, for a uniquely fun experience.

@TwitterKorea created Moments with all exclusive content on Twitter.

For the K-Pop fans who could not make it to the event in person, 2017 MAMA posted fresh photos and video on it official Twitter account (@MnetMAMA). The video showing the stage performance of BTS (@BTS_twt) was Retweeted nearly 12.9K times, while other spectacular performances including those by EXO (@weareoneEXO), GOT7 (@GOT7official), and Dynamic Duo & Chen (@amoebakorea, @gaekogeem) were also eagerly praised by the fans.

K-Pop fans across the world showed on Twitter how they enjoyed 2017 MAMA in their own unique ways.

The fans not only shared the stage performance and award ceremony in real-time, but also edited the key moments that they want to treasure after the live broadcast. They added their own commentary to such fan-made footage to create an entirely new content.

The 2017 MAMA was made even more exciting thanks to Twitter providing a wide range of things to see and a platform for fans to communicate with each other. If you missed the live broadcast of the 2017 MAMA or want to relive the exciting experience, you can visit the official MAMA Twitter account (@MnetMAMA).