iMe Group CEO Promises to Invest 300 Billion Won into K-Pop in The Following Three Years

iMe Group CEO Brian Chow was invited to the 2019 ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit at the BEXCO in Busan, South Korea to discuss on the cultural exchanges between ASEAN countries. Mr. Brian Chow shared his opinion that ASEAN countries are huge potential market with great prospects, especially the rapidly growing young generation. In order to expand K-Pop further in ASEAN countries, he promised to help and develop 20 groups of Korean artists to foreign markets. It was highlighted in his agenda that he is looking to promote over 250 events in the next three years with a total investment of 300 billion won.

According to Mr. Brian Chow, concert organizer is a bridge connecting artists and fans by allowing artists to meet and perform for their fans all over the world. He also mentioned that concert is an experience that will never be replaceable by any other form which many can definitely understand him if they have been to a concert. It is a unique experience and interaction which could fulfill fans’ expectations that are very different from just listening to music.

iMe Group represents majority of the market share in Asian K-Pop territories in which Mr Brian Chow stated that the reason behind this is because it is important to set a standardized system throughout the group, making them competent in the market. He added that as the environment is constantly changing, it is also necessary for the group to adapt to the constant change by being innovative. This can be proven as they have previously promoted several prominent K-Pop artists in various Asian countries such as BIGBANG, BTS, TWICE, BlackPink, GOT7, G-Dragon, CNBLUE, Lee Jong-suk, Park Bo-gum, IU, WANNAONE, SEVENTEEN, and many more.

Mr. Brian Chow projected the future development of K-Pop through a lot of data in his presentation. He believes that K-Pop still has a lot of room for development in the future. K-Pop has a strong existence in Asia, North America and Europe, and is expected to steadily and consistently grow larger in other regions.

He also assured that iMe’s consistent effort for the past years in developing and creating opportunities by bringing K-Pop contents to offshore markets will definitely reach a greater height in the future.

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