[Exclusive] Q&A with Oh Yeon Seo & Ahn Jae Hyun, cast of ‘Love With Flaws’

Latest K-drama, ‘Love With Flaws’ tells a story about a woman whose ideal type is a non-good-looking guy who meets a man who is obsessed with making himself look good to everyone. Despite their opposing views, they fall in love with each other as they overcome the prejudice against “people with flaws”.

Oh Yeon Seo made her entertainment debut in 2002 when she was only 16 years old under her real name Oh Haet Nim, with the band LUV alongside Jo Eun Byul and Jeon Hye Bin. They released their first album “Story” that year, which included the singles Orange Girl and I Still Believe in You.

Yeon-Seo then shifted to modeling/acting, and her popularity rose in 2012 with her roles in My Husband Got a Family and Here Comes Mr. Oh Ja Ryong.


While Ahn Jae-Hyun began his entertainment career as a fashion model in 2009. He gained recognition in 2011 while playing a delivery man in the cable variety show Lee Soo Gun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society. In 2013, Jae-Hyun’s popularity rose while playing actress Jun Ji-Hyun’s younger brother in the hit drama My Love from Another Star.

We sat down with Oh Yeon Seo and Ahn Jae Hyun to hear what they have to share about their latest drama.


Q : Tell us a little bit about each of your respective roles and what it was like to be a part of this drama.


Oh Yeon-Seo : I play Joo Seo-Yeon in Love with Flaws. Seo-Yeon is someone that I look up to. She is always bright, ready with a smile and fearless in front of injustice. The flaw with Seo-Yeon is that she abhors beautiful men. She holds an adamant bias that men with attractive looks will invariably pair his outer exterior with a selfish interior. However, she does eventually wake up from her cloud of misjudgment later in the plot. Seo-Yeon’s character influenced me to look at the world and people around me deeper and with an objective point of view. Love with Flaws was a great opportunity and experience which I fondly cherish. I wish Seo-Yeon’s colorfulness and strong willpower will help and change you the same way she has changed me.


Ahn Jae-Hyun : I play Lee Kang-Woo in Love with Flaws. Kang-Woo is obsessed with only how people look and dress. He is traumatized by his looks and attempts to change it. Even though he becomes a very good-looking person, he still has the heart and innocence of a little boy.


Q : Jae Hyun, what was it really like shooting for Love with Flaws? And what was the chemistry like between you and Yeon-Seo?


Ahn Jae-Hyun : The director made the film set an amazing place to work. He was always going around making funny jokes so that the actors could be more relaxed and comfortable. The directions and guidance he gave us were amazing. His leadership was what brought us all together.


Oh Yeon-Seo : It was an easy start for me since Jae-Hyun and I are of the same age. It wasn’t so hard for me getting to know my fellow actors and becoming friends as all of us cast members are roughly around the same age.


Q : It has been 2 years since you’ve worked with the director on My Sassy Girl. Why do you think the director choose you to play the main female protagonist again? Also, the story is about overcoming prejudice. So, what might be each of the respective biases that you want to overcome?


Oh Yeon-Seo : When I first got the director’s call, I thought to myself that maybe he’s calling me because I’m the most flawed person he knows. He is a very funny person, who always makes me laugh. We even joked that if this drama doesn’t become successful, he and I should part ways. However all jokes aside, he is a great director, guiding each and every actor to be able to give more emotional depths of every scene. People are surprised when they see me when I am myself. They have this assumption that I’m going to be a prudish and sassy type of girl. However, I’m really just a girl who likes to laugh and not do anything the entire day.


Ahn Jae-Hyun : I feel like I’m the most flawed person here. I’ve often heard that I look cold and indifferent, maybe even chic. However, I consider myself to be a very kind person, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing.


Q : Yeon-Seo, you have been widely recognized due to your role in Jang Bo-ri Is Here! from MBC. How do you feel about acting in MBC’s drama again? And Jae-Hyun, I understand that you’ve bulked up for your role here. Are you satisfied with your current shape?


Oh Yeon-Seo : Well, I just want to thank MBC for bringing me back here. It is nearly impossible for an actor to work in a show with a viewing rate of over 40%, so I am grateful for this opportunity that I’ve been given. I hope that you guys can help us build more awareness and interest for the show as well.


Ahn Jae-Hyun : I first started working out around January this year. I was too skinny and needed to start looking after my own health. I worked out only a couple of times each week but the timing was right. The script for Love with Flaws came along, and I’ve had to work out twice a day and gain 10kgs. The original purpose of bulking up was for a shower scene, but unfortunately it ended up being a very short scene which was a bit of a bummer.


Q : Jae-Hyun, this is your comeback as a romantic comedy in a while. How do you feel and what can you tell us about who you want to be actor-wise?


Ahn Jae-Hyun : I’ve always loved comedy and wanted to try my hand in it. In this drama, I had to shoot footage of me holding some faeces or actually taking a dump. I tried quite hard to make all these scenes realistic, without caring about what angles of my face will look better on screen. I haven’t really decided what kind of actor I want to be yet, so I suppose we’re all just going to have to wait for a suitable opportunity.


Q : The writer for Love with Flaws commented that Oh Yeon-Seo is an amazing multi-player and that her presence is like a glowing light. Do you have anything to comment on that as well, Yeon-Seo?


Oh Yeon-Seo : The story is about Seo-Yeon and the people around her. So, it was natural for us to show more of Seo-Yeon than the others. I guess our writers really focused the diverse emotions of Seo-Yeon. She is amazing as well. She looks at people with the most beautiful and innocent perspective. I thank her for such a lovely comment.


Q : According to the highlights, we can see that there are many funny scenes here. Jae-Hyun, what was one of the most memorable scenes for you while shooting for this show?


Ahn Jae-Hyun : There was a scene where we had to dance around in the middle of the street like a musical. I had to take lessons and went through many preparations to make that happen. Altogether, it was a great experience.

We hope everything goes smoothly with the shooting for this drama, and we can’t wait to see the chemistry between the two leads unfold. Don’t forget to tune in!


Love with Flaws airs its four back-to-back episodes on Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) on every Saturday at 6pm.

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