Press Conference with the cast of Find Me In Your Memory

The press conference for K-drama ‘Find Me In Your Memory’ was held in Seoul on March 18. Kim Dong Wook, Moon Ga Young, Kim Seul Ki, Lee Ju Bin, Lee Jin Hyuk and Yoon Jong Hoon attended the press conference and we’re here to share with you what happened during the event.

Host: I am sure that everyone is excited by the video of  the drama’s highlights. Ga Young, you said in an interview that you suffered from the cold weather whilst shooting. Why don’t you share your experience in making this video?

Moon Ga Young: This video reminds me of old memories. We started shooting this drama around December. With all the cast and crew, we fought off the snow and cold to shoot this film. Although we’re about halfway finished with the filming, this highlight reel gives us the strength to finish the latter half.


Host: I wish you the best of luck for the second half. Kim Dong Wook, you are the protagonist of Find Me in Your Memory. Many people remember your role from Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo. You also won the best actor award from MBC. Do you feel overwhelmed by the expectations of others. How did you overcome the pressure?

Kim Dong Wook: Well, I don’t quite feel any pressure. I am extremely grateful for the award. Also, I had a great time doing that role. But now, I have to prove my worth not only in this drama but in my future roles. So, I would like to say this drama is the first task to prove myself.


Kim Dong Wook

Host: Ga Young, Ha-Jin possesses a typical celebrity personality in the plot. Please talk about your role as a celebrity and the processes you went through to play one. Do you have any similarities with this character?

Moon Ga Young: Well, I would like to redirect this question to my colleagues here. Ha-Jin and I lead a similar career and I think I embody many different sides of her. Not just in aspects of fashion and makeup, but I was challenged to show various sides of myself through Ha-Jin in this film.


Host: Jong-Hoon, in a behind-the-scenes video, you mentioned that Dong-Wook and you have a bromance in this film. You worked together with Dong-Wook five years ago. What was it like working together again? Also, what kind of chemistry do you guys have together?

Yoon Jong Hoon: I think we are in a very friendly, even loving, relationship I guess, haha! Dong-Wook is one of the few friends whom I trust and like. I had a lot of fun working with him five years ago. But now I am enjoying this more than ever.


Moon Ga Young

Host: I have a question for Seul Ki. You are working on countless projects these days. What is the source of your strength?

Kim Seul Ki: I realized that time goes by so quickly nowadays. So, I’ve been working tirelessly to put myself out there more. I aspire to leave my mark in society.


Host: Can we expect some ‘Womance’ between Seul-Ki and Ga Young? But Seul-Ki, you are older than Ga Young. What was it like working together?

Kim Seul Ki: I love Ga-Young so much and she is so adorable! When we have conversations in person, we used to say that “We are like real sisters”. We have such great chemistry between us, and we had a lot of fun while shooting. In the drama, we play sisters Ha-Jin and Ha-Kyoung respectively. So, everyone on set ended up calling us the ‘Ha-Ha sisters’.


Host: Do you have any memorable experiences to share where you felt a sense of sisterhood?

Moon Ga Young: When we talk to each other we realize that we have very similar personalities. We are both “stay-at-home” kind of ladies and have the same tastes, so I have no problem having a nice conversation with her. And in terms of acting, when I go off script, she immediately adjusts to the situation. I think that’s why we worked really well together and will have a great time working together in the future.


Host: Ju-Bin, you have worked in a lot of films lately. You’ve played in Be Melodramatic, The Tale of Nok-Du and Hello Dracula. Please talk about your role. What processes did you go through to play your character?

Lee Ju Bin: I used to play a character who is very perky, hateful but also cute. I was a bit worried at first because this character shows her feminine sides such as being pure and girly. When I first read the script and started acting with Dong-Wook, I felt relieved that we had good chemistry. I worked very hard especially on the ballet performance scene.


Host: Finally, a question for Jin-Hyuk. This is your first conventional drama. So how do you feel about it?

Lee Jin Hyuk: It was very challenging for me to film on set. I didn’t have much experience in filming or shooting in a studio set. But my co-workers guided me through it, so I felt better. I was really close to Dong Wook. He gave me many tips on acting even before I asked about it. “Be comfortable with it”, “Don’t be nervous, just be you”, were some of the most helpful advice he gave me. These kinds of tips were very helpful to my acting start in conventional dramas.


Host: Dong Wook, the theme of this story is very unfamiliar and unusual. Hyperthymestic Syndrome accounts for people with problems of exceptional memories. What aspects did you consider more delicately to play a character who has highly superior autobiographical memory?

Kim Dong Wook: I’ve tried to follow what the writer wrote. As you know, it is not the first time Hyperthymestic Syndrome is used as a theme of a story. This kind of memory syndrome has been dealt with in many dramas and films. But the difference in our drama is that we didn’t only focus on the character’s agony and pain but also how he deals with other people. This drama shows us how the characters met and how they overcame their pain and healed each other. This kind of chemistry is the one that we tried to focus on.


Host: You seem like a real news anchor from the trailer we just saw. Before acting as a news anchor, I saw in an interview that you worked hard to practice your pronunciation and also lose weight for this role. How did you work through it? 

Kim Dong Wook: When I watch the news, every anchor speaks so naturally that I didn’t realize this could be very challenging for me. It was not easy once I actually tried to do it. So, I started practicing by reading news articles and anchor’s comments. I recorded my commentaries and sent them to real anchors. I asked for their advice and revised the parts that needed to be revised. I followed up on how prominent young anchors read the news. Also, I searched through several footages of legendary anchors using a video application. Finally, I asked real anchors to give me advice on my portrayal as a news anchor.


Host: Dong-Wook and Ga-Young have good chemistry. What was it like working together? And how was the kissing scene?

Moon Ga Young: Dong-Wook was very calm and little bit shy so I was initially worried on how we could get to know each other. Actually, as we’ve gotten to know each other a little better, he is actually very playful. So I really enjoyed working with him. As for the kissing scene, we had to finish shooting quickly so we did it in one take.


Host: Jong Hoon, this wasn’t your first role as a doctor. You’ve played a surgeon who was addicted to drugs in the film, Return. You now play Jung-Hoon’s doctor. How different is it to play a psychiatrist?

Moon Ga Young: I think this kind of question is really tricky. There is some effort that we put in depending on the character. But the surgeon I played in Return wasn’t quite a real doctor. He was just a junkie. Anyway, like a real psychiatrist, being able to listen to people’s problems is very important when playing one.


Host: I have a question for Ju-Bin. You play a ballerina and also the main character’s first love. What aspects do you think are attractive about your character?

Lee Ju Bin: Being pure is what makes her attractive. But she also displays inner confidence and honesty. Not too feminine. She has a side that is quite charismatic too. Please look forward to this confident side of her.


Host: Jin Hyuk, you played a role as a passionate reporter and a very smug character. What is most similar to your character in real life?

Lee Jin Hyuk: Unlike me, he is a weak person. But I am a more full-of-energy. So, except for that, I think 70-80% of him is rather similar to me.


Host: We have some questions from your fans. Let me read out the questions in this quick-fire round.

Q: What couple nickname can we give Jung-Hoon and Ha-Jin?

Moon Ga Young: I think the ‘Memory Couple’ will be fine. ‘Memory’ is what connects them.

Q: Dong Wook, what is your character’s charm?

Kim Dong Wook: I think he can be very sexy when he gives harsh criticism. His nickname is the ‘Gentle Tyrant’.

Q: We are looking forward to hearing Dong Wook’s diction. Are there any memorable lines that were especially hard to pronounce?

Kim Dong Wook: I think the lines don’t matter at all; it depends on my physical state that day.


Q: Ga Young, please choose one of the things you love about your character.

Moon Ga Young: I like her confidence and frankness.

Q: Jong-Hoon, which is your favorite? A sharp villain or a klutzy troublemaker?

Yoon Jong Hoon: I enjoy being a sharp villain.

Q: I’ve heard that Ha-Kyoung is a blackbelt holder. Seul Ki, do you enjoy playing sports in real life?

Kim Seul Ki: Ha-Kyoung is into Jiu Jitsu. As for me, I love to cycle and ride a bike.

Q: Jin Hyuk, are you scared of actor Kim Dong Wook?

Lee Jin Hyuk: His character is sharp rather than scary. He’s cold-hearted and determined. He is really cute in person actually.

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And that’s all from the press conference! Don’t forget to catch new episodes of Find Me in Your Memory every Thursday and Friday at 7.50pm on Oh!K (Astro Ch394).

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