Traveler (S1) : The unpredictable travelogue of backpackers in chaos

Traveler is a 10-episode travel reality program which documents the real backpacking journey of the most popular Korean actors. The program features Ryu Jun-yeol (Hit-and-Run Squad, A Taxi Driver, Reply 1988) and Lee Je-hoon (Where Stars Land, Signal) travelling to the beautifully nostalgic Cuba. Incorporating elements of a documentary, Traveler captures the realistic and candid experiences of the stars as they embark on a trip to a foreign land like never before.

Veteran backpacker Ryu Jun-yeol is joined by backpacking newbie Lee Je-hoon on a trip to Cuba, where they learn about Che Guevara’s freedom and revolution, the tingling melodies of Buena Vista Social Club, whilst enjoying old cars and refreshing mojitos. As they surrender themselves to the sensual charms of Cuba and the surprises that the trip brings, the two actors lose their on-screen personas and discover their true selves.

Ryu Jun-yeol is best known for his breakthrough role in Reply 1988 and has gained recognition for playing diverse characters in films like Hit-and-Run Squad and A Taxi Driver. He has garnered praise for his ability to lead and adapt to unexpected situations through his appearance in the popular travel show Youth Over Flowers: Africa, and viewers are looking forward to seeing him back on the road. Best known for his performance in well-acclaimed dramas Where Stars Land and Signal, as well as the iconic box-office hit Architecture 101, Lee Je-hoon is praised for his skillful emotional acting. An actor with various charms, viewers can anticipate yet another side of him that is to be discovered through the program.

Traveler sets itself apart from other travel-themed programs by capturing authentic travel experiences as the cast dictate their own journey and make decisions about accommodation, meals and transport, without the interference of the production crew. Not only does it allow audiences to travel vicariously, the program also encourages backpack travels by portraying the difference between backpacking and traveling with a wheeled suitcase.

Viewers can definitely look forward to seeing their favourite actors up close and personal as they let go of their inhibitions, as well as the ‘bromance’ between the cast who display great chemistry as they rely on each another to survive in a foreign country.

Traveler S1 will premiere on K-PLUS starting 4 July 2020, Saturday at 10.30pm SGT. New episodes will air weekly on every Saturday at 10.30pm SGT.

K-PLUS is available on: USEETV IndiHome, DENSTV, Astro GO, SKY Cable, MAXstream

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