[Press Conference] SF8 Sci-Fi K-Drama on Oh!K (Episode 8 : Empty Body)

SF8 Episode #8: Empty Body (인간증명)

Premiere: Saturday, 3 October 2020, 8pm, Oh!K (Astro Ch 394)

Cast: Moon So-ri as Hye-ra, Jang Yoo-sang as Kim Young-in

Director: Kim Ui-suk

Synopsis: In the future society that allows human brain and AI to connect, Hye-ra succeeds in connecting her dead son, Young-in’s brain into an Android. But one day, she gets a doubt that the Android son could be pretending to be her real son. She gets more suspicious and reports to the police. Young-in gets booked on the charge of ‘Symbiosis Android Kim Young-in deleting possessor Kim Young-in’s conscious’. But Android Young-in keep claiming that he is the real possessor ‘Young-in’. 


Host: Jang Yoo-sang, were there moments working with Moon So-ri and thought how great this human actress is?

Jang Yoo-sang (JYS): I admire her and I was nervous and scared to be in front of her and working with her. She treated me such comfort and warmth. I was so thankful during filming. There were many moments where I choked up watching her act as her counterpart or watching it through a monitor. Also, many moments of goose bumps and thinking how good she is. It was such a valuable experience for me.


Host: Director Kim, what charmed you into this?

Kim Ui-suk (KUS): The original work is Lee Rook-ha’s Five Steps of Independence. In the book, it talks about a relationship between a mother and a son, and dilemmas that the son has. I thought I could bring that to our set and continue into a story between humans in this movie that we want to tell. So, I wrote it to fit that.


Host: Jang Yoo-sang, there are many areas of ambiguity in this character that Moon So-ri looks at. Within yourself, were you able to sort of resolve that ambiguity while you act? 

JYS: Some say that when you act an AI don’t there has to be something different from acting human. After all I didn’t think about that part much. I only thought of the emotion that AI Young-in feels for his mother, the emotion that I feel at the very moments, and emotions for the dead Young-in when I acted.


Host: Are there principles that you abided by when working on the film? How was the collaboration? If there is Season 2, would you participate again?

KUS: I had my hope that I could be able to show many more people through a more popular and well-known platform my movie and language that I want to convey. I still have that hope and I had it when I was working on this film. Through this movie I was able to meet Jang Yoo-sang and also work with Moon So-ri who I was fan of. My stance is similar to director Noh Duk. We all poured everything we had so there’s no regret.

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